//graizoah.com/afu.php?zoneid=3512770 Almstzibon .. mystery beast in Hevldan (3)

Almstzibon .. mystery beast in Hevldan (3)

Almstzibon .. mystery beast in Hevldan (3)
    Almstzibon .. mystery beast in Hevldan (3)

    Of all the tales and myths and legends, the story of the monster overlooking the Hevldan to challenge the truth and surpass even the imagination, leaving behind more than a hundred people to prove their existence, and dozens of official documents and thousands of pages, written by historians over two hundred years, and they are arguing about the truth of what been there, but the mystery remains unsolved, there is no way to deny what happened and there is no way to know how it happened. Come with me, dear reader, to be familiar with one of the most famous werewolf and most unusual stories.
    Left behind more than a hundred victims zest devour their flesh
    A bronze statue to commemorate the victims of the monster Chevldan
    In one of the warm days and sunny month of June 1764 in the French Hevldan County, was one of the young women is sponsoring a series of cows in the free farm of trees near the woods, everything was around normal, but suddenly I felt that there are those who watched, and faster than Jiffy appeared strange creature from the trees of the forest, was the creature in cow size, but it looked like a huge body wolf, went straight toward the girl indifferent cows and calves around, it seemed that nothing would please him only as human prey, guard dogs provided panicked at the sight of the beast, and the girl felt for a moment that death is coming, but he and fortunately moved bulls farm raging to pay them this monster horns and to expel him back towards the woods again, this was the first view of the monster in the province and the young woman will realize soon how much was lucky for survival after being stood face to face with a monster Hevldan awful (The Beast of Gevaudan).
    The first victim of the monster was a little girl was found dead and had torn the monster her body and grabbed the heart of the place, and soon initiated more bodies torn added to the list of victims of the beast, is strange that he did not convince, but human meat Despite the presence of a large number of pet sheep and goats and calves on his victims, who works mostly as farmers, but the beast did not pay any attention to these animals and not attacking only humans so common a strong belief among the people that this monster is (loup-garou) any werewolf in French, and I swear to many they stabbed the beast or shot him, but it seems that the weapons did not have any effect on it.
    On 8 October / October, hunters fired their assault rifles on the beast several times and saw him and he departs steps feeble lame about the forest imagining they may Osabah fatally wounded and he fled towards the forest to die there, but it was not but a few days later, he returned the beast to attack and kill more victims.
    One Parisian newspapers (The Gazette) described the beast, quoting witnesses as follows:
    "It's much larger than normal wolf, legs with sharp claws and color Vruh closer to the color red, his head huge, and strong muscles and prominent, chest broad gray and there are black stripes on the back, his mouth wide and broad and provider compact row of sharp fangs ".
    And with the growing monster and attacks, especially on children and women have swept a wave of fear and horror province and offers its residents a petition to King Louis XV tile to save them from this shrewd that befell on their heads, so the king to send troops from the army to the province, led by Capt. ( Captain) Doml to kill the beast, and because people told him that the beast was always prefer to attack the women, so it is Doml some of his soldiers to wear uniforms women to serve as bait to catch the beast, and already enables men Doml of the beast injury several times, but he was smuggled always into the jungle, But finally stopped attacks for a period of time and thought Doml he managed to kill the monster so he returned with his troops to the capital, but what he left the county until he returned the beast to attack people and spread fear among the villages again to the point that people are hiding in their homes once he heard that Someone had seen the beast soon from their villages and armed men with guns became afraid that shoot the beast even if it was in the range of fire, and many people swear they saw the beast and is perceived through the windows of their homes.
    The government has developed a large cash prize for each of the monster kills Vetoalfd hundreds of professional hunters to boycott greed and money have been killed tens of wolves, but it was all without any feasibility attacks continued unabated during the summer and in 1765 the monster to kill and devour many of the children in the province.
    Finally, in June 1767, and after nearly population abandon their villages and fields, the Marquis Dabser who lived in the western part of the province collects hundreds of fishermen and impact tracker who were divided in groups and combed the district of Shubra Shubra, we were determined this time to put an end to the massacre of the beast in the province. One of the participants in these groups was named "Jean Jestel" and has been a believer that the monster is in fact a human werewolf so it has mobilized his rifle bullets made of pure silver because of the perception then as the only weapon capable of killing werewolf and when he attacked the monster group has Jestel launch two shots towards the monster hit one of his heart pride to bits the astonishment and amazement fishermen who approached him slowly and warned to make sure of his death, he was the strangest creature signed him and their eyes when they open the stomach and found human remains in the stomach for a little girl. And thus brought down the curtain on one of the strangest events in the history of France after left dozens dead and drained the provincial treasury.
    For the body of the beast, says the historical documents that may have been moved to the royal palace at Versailles to watch the king and the nobles. But what happened to the body after it and where is it now? No one knows, some of the documents says that he was buried in the Alersaa Palace and the other says that the body was incinerated and disposed of.
    What is the truth that has been in Hevldan?

    In the top picture of the monster as described by eyewitnesses have been published in one of the newspapers of that time and to the bottom image shows the body of the beast in King Louis XV tile
    In fact, the events that took place in Hevldan County have been analyzed and discussed repeatedly and carried around many theories but none of them gave no clear answer, you really there was a mysterious monster kills people or is it just attacks unusual for wolves people grossly usual and turned it into rumors terrifying ? The victims of the monster, mostly children and women and a few are usually wolves attack them.
    All animal scientists and specialists to study wolves and their behavior are well aware that they rarely attack humans, and they shy creatures always try not to friction with the man, but does this mean that there are no incidents of wolves attacking humans? Both, of course, there are many accidents and victims of wolves since ancient times and even our present time, but on the whole the rest of these incidents are very rare compared to areas of friction between wolves and humans and did not happen to the wolves attacked and killed so many people in a short period, such as those occurred in Hevldan, Add to that the hundreds of residents of the province testimony about the beast and its size and physical attributes where Hbhoh the size of a cow or a horse, even the largest wolves in the world can not reach the size Thus, even the largest wolf was caught in the modern era is a wolf He was killed during World War II in Ukraine and weighs about 86 kg, while the rate of the European wolf weight is 35-40 kg, one theory says that the beast was a hybrid animal resulting from the marriage with a wolf dog like that often works in the army and police (Wolf- dog), and this explains the color of the strange beast, described by witnesses as well as the lack of fear, and the fear of man, but there remains the question arises, why only humans did not attack? In most cases, there were sheep and goats and poultry in the theater, but the incident was not the monster Ember any attention and just did not care to attack humans?
    One of the interesting theories and which fall within the scope of what we call a conspiracy theory accuses the French state at the time by standing behind the events Hevldan, boycott by historical documents was one of the provinces restive from the dictatorship of the French monarchy and was on the brink of revolution, so the state orchestrated these events to fill people and spread fear among them and is not uncommon and there is nothing new on the dictatorship governments loyal as long as hyped state agencies stories and rumors to fill people and distracting them from politics, Add to that hide the body of the beast and blur raised where it looked as if they were hiding the effects of crime, but the weakening of these The theory is that the French state has repeatedly sent troops to eliminate the monster as she spotted a big prize for those who kill.
    Another theory says that the monster is in fact a kind of wolves, scientists say they have become extinct thousands of years ago and called (Dire Wolf), but what undermines this theory is that this kind of wolves is almost equal in size with other types of wolves deployed in Europe, as well as to the difficulty of proving the existence of any of them in the eighteenth century after the extinct thousands of years ago.
    And remains the security of its Hevldan County residents and believed him and that is the monster in fact is nothing but a werewolf (Werewolf) because of its size and the shape of the stranger and his penchant for human flesh and does not affect normal weapons which, as well as his appearance and the sudden disappearance, but faith and belief Modern science is rejected completely.
    In conclusion, we should mention that after forty years appeared in the province (Vivarais) French creature looks like a monster Hevldan and killed his 21 victims during the period between 1809-1813, and similar things have occurred in the county as well as (L'Indre) between 1875 -1879, and strange that all these incidents and including those that occurred in Hevldan continue for a period of almost four years after the monster suddenly disappears as suddenly appeared, and the reports about attacks from wolf-like creature continued in France until 1954.
    As mentioned in the introduction, events Hevldan had been addressed in a lot of stories and novels, as well as in the film, one good film is a film around (Brotherhood of the Wolf), and personally I have seen, and is an exciting movie and tries to explain what happened through a dramatic storyline mixed with fiction pulls the viewer to it until the end of the film.

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