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Conflict with Gin

Conflict with Gin
    Conflict with Gin

    My sister is 17 years old, is currently disabled Five years ago, I traveled to London to perform a surgery because of health condition, and thank God the process has been successful, but when she returned was the behavior strange, especially during the night, it was totally us do not like to talk much isolated with me or with anyone from the family.
    They spoke the same evening and laugh loudly and was flying her body on the bed and aimed itself again and again, and was one of the maids sleep on a mattress to land in my sister's room to monitor, then I went to my mother crying and says: - I do not want to sit in this house .. and it was very scared until it became pale face of fear, my mom Hdit her down and asked her why, she said that the actions of my sister's maid strange as threatened with death.
    Lost my sister to this case, and after not long started talking in a strange way that they Erabtna, although I kind that do not easily scared, they say things from her imagination, and remember the positions never get in our lives, and was very quiet do not like the light, and bathe with water very hot to the point that her body becomes the color red, also show signs of fingers and hands on her body.
    Dad Contact sheikh, when Sheikh began screaming the loudest voice entered, and her voice suddenly changed, became a male voice heavy raises horror .. and sometimes becomes a child's voice .. and then turns to the female voice ..
    Sheikh began to read the Koran said to him colloquially: "eat hay," a female voice .. scary and continued that way for a week, then told us that the pound it inside a Hindu will not come out of the body of my sister and she Talpst during the operation conducted by in London.

    After a long struggle, and the power of God came out of them, but my sister is still suffering from psychological state and Taataalj when a psychiatrist. It is getting better now than ever before.

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