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Countess vampire

Countess vampire
    Countess vampire

    The story is stranger than fiction .. but .. for real Hungarian countess turned the castle into a human slaughterhouse in order to preserve its beauty !! The killing and dismemberment of 650 innocent girl to bathe Bdmaúhen, and despite the existence of documents confirming the occurrence of such crimes, and despite finding papers trials of Countess and her collaborators in the early seventeenth century, but today there are some historians who Ikdhon health of those historical and documents they consider all fabricated for the purpose of liquidation of private political calculations with great influence in the state at the time the Countess family .. After all .. to you, dear reader, frightening and exciting story of the Hungarian Blood Countess.
    Countess brutality which was bathed with the blood of its victims
    To the right of the image imagined Countess bathing with the blood of their victims either to the left

    real and rare numeric her
    I was born Elizabeth Báthory (Countess Elizabeth Báthory) in Hungary in 1560, after a hundred years exactly on the death of her cousin, Count Dracula's true, her parents - George and Anna - belong to the richest and most prestigious families origins date back to Transylvania Romanian territory, that spot, famous bloody history was fertile ground for the emergence of vampire stories, and even today still stands in the ruins of some deferred Prince Vlad IV Castle - Dracula - horrible.
    The family Bathuri of great political influence, cousin Elizabeth has served as the Prime Minister of Hungary, while her uncle Estefan king of Poland; but besides leaders and great family also included some relatives eccentrics, One of the brothers and sisters Elizabeth was known to worship the devil, and another was insane and mentally retarded, as she was one of the charming and homosexual aunts.
    Countess remains of a fortress and you can see, dear reader, the village which was Elizabeth girls get them in the valley ..aaly left a picture of a pair Countess
    Elizabeth was a beautiful small girl she studied at the hands of the best teachers, steeped in science and arts of that time Vhpt educated - one of the rare advantages in that era - lend hair and speaks four languages. At the age of fifteen she married Countess of Count Ferenc Nidasda (Ferenc Nádasdy), which was the largest ten years, and moved to live with him in Ksiz Castle, a remote castle sits on the slopes of the mountains, the village is adjacent to the property of a purely family Count.
    Count Ferenc Nidasda was a national hero in Hungary, he spent a long long period of his life in the fight against the Ottoman Turks, has proved his bravery and courage on the battlefield, he received a well-deserved title (black punishment) and is one of the highest honors and lift the affair in Hungary at the time

    During her husband's absence in the battlefields and during the 25 years of her marriage to Elizabeth used to stay alone in the castle desolate, became her boring I took spend their time sometimes hurt Khademadtha and sometimes standing in front of the mirror for several hours looking forward to her beauty breathtaking and strong Almmhawk, was soon to pay boredom to take a number of young handsome Kaahak, so she ran away with one of them at one point, but returned after the laminate by her husband.
    The visit of the pleasures that her aunt did not miss Elizabeth during her husband's absence, then Aunt called Countess Clara Bathuri were known strangely stages and Bfssogaha public, and Elizabeth probably participated in the crazy aunt during concerts lavish promiscuous, which was given by constantly. Elizabeth has also started in that period, showing great interest in black magic and sorcery issues. It was a real witch and Sifadtha taught her all methods of astrology and magic, her name was Dorka has subsequently became Countess assist in the implementation of the dirty crimes, and said that they are encouraged to do those sins.
    Elizabeth tile in the castle was a human slaughterhouse
    Elizabeth was a sadistic find fun untold torture Khademadtha young women, was assisted in that task a number of servants whom the old Ilona Joe her nanny and a server called FICO, as well as runner-called Anna Drola, in addition of course to the Siftha Dorka; and with the help of this satanic group Elizabeth turned the castle into place Wicked. They find endless arguments to punish people; they tend clothes for Dhaaha Tgdahm then whips on their bodies bare, and was ordained horror on the faces of those victims Altissan makes her feel ecstatic irresistible.
    In 1600 her husband, Count Ferenc, probably died of wound injury in one of the battles, and the real horror began with his death period; as Elizabeth has sent her mother as well as her children out of the castle to exercise its crimes evil without inconvenience.
    Something happened in the life of Elizabeth in that period, making them concerned and increasingly daring and brutal crimes; At that time, she became the forty-year-old and began to worry too much about her beauty, tried to hide the wrinkles that had invaded her face with cosmetics, but despite all the attempts to reinforce their sense of Day after day, the fact that it has become an advanced age and that beauty Sivoa and inevitably disappear.
    One day, while she was a Khademadtha young women her hair long Gemayel, an event that missed the girl Atherh luck withdrawing from inadvertently hair mistress with some force, sparking the ire of the Countess and her anger, hitting the girl on her face and burst blood from the nose of the maid to drop a few drops of it at the hands of Countess rebellious .. seeing blood maid dripped on her hand making the Countess feel overwhelming ecstatic indescribable, and when rubbed red spots slowly out of her skin appeared from beneath the cool and soft I realized Countess that this blood will return to her youth and vitality and makes the skin soft whiter and freshness.
    In the case Countess assisted Siftha Dorka and servant FICO embarked on a poor girl from her stripping and veins cut and suspended by ropes over a bowl large metal; and so the girl continued to bleed until the last drop of blood, and when finally she died withdrawn servants away and then Elizabeth entered into the metal container and Tmargt and bathed with the blood The maid murdered. I became sure that she now found the best way to restore her youth .. I have discovered that the blood is the source of life.
    They enjoy the bloody Bhmamha daily - a copy of the 2008 film Elizabeth Slovak
    During the next ten years killed Countess blood more young women girls were lackeys come them from poor peasant village located at the foot of the mountain, they are deceiving and luring poor girls to get comfortable work in Castle Countess high salaries, and that fools trick the girl and step into the castle Death becomes even those steps is the last in her life, was soon dead ends and hanging above the large metal container to Lady evil castle can take a bathroom bloody daily !.
    Sometimes they Countess you drink the blood of their victims in order to obtain health and longevity, but it felt gradually that the blood of the peasant poor recruited from the village has little effect impact on her skin, looking for the best blood quality has found a match in girls noble class who The families sending them off to the castle Countess to learn them assets to act and speak tactfully (etiquette) in concerts and gatherings upscale community layer, has met a large number of those girls Alnpilat the same fate as black Tgrath before them poor peasant girls.
    But with the disappearance of girls noble families, and because the Countess became more reckless in the commission of crimes. Initiated gradually spread many rumors here and there about the fate of the girls Ksiz Castle Lost who took their numbers are increasing day after day, and became the complaint nobles who have lost their daughters up in turn to the ears of the emperor of Hungary, which was released in the end, orders of the President of the government to send troops to the Castle Countess

    to investigate what is going on there.
    At December 30, 1610 entered into a group of soldiers to the Castle Countess night .. at home was waiting scenes terrifying in every sense of the word, in the midst of the large lobby, there was a dead girl drop of blood does not exist in her body; the other girl was her bleeding above the pot metal, but it was not still alive, in the basement of the castle and discovered a group of girls who were waiting for their fate in a small black and dirty cells pitch dark, and close to the wall of the castle at the foot of the mountain soldiers discovered human remains for more than 50 girls.
    During the trial of the Countess in 1611, investigators discovered 650 victims of the names in her book; It was a trial of the biggest trials in the history of Hungary and the facts are still preserved to this day; all aides Countess sentenced to death, was hanged and then burned their bodies; but the Countess and because of its status Social did not try .. and even did not prohibit the court, but the emperor ordered to arrest her in the castle, Hpsoha in her bedroom and then shut them all windows and doors with rocks and they were delivering food and water to them through a small hole in the wall.
    In 1614, after four years on the Countess in the castle prison, guards found it Menkvih on her face in the midst of her cell and home had died; Countess Elizabeth Báthory .. .. vessels were in the fourth and fifty when she died.
    Countess vessels in the cinema

    In fact, there are many films that dealt with personal Elizabeth short of revolutionary, and often embodied Hollywood Cinema secondary figure in the horror films and vampires. But there are a number of European films that dealt with the life of Countess major Khpkh scenario, perhaps the best known and most recent film is the English-speaking Slovak (Bathory) of production in 2008, as well as the French film - German joint (The Countess) of production in 2009.

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