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Countries are in my dreams

Countries are in my dreams
    Countries are in my dreams

    First, I am a girl in college twenty years old, read a lot about the things Gin ..

    One day after he completed I read a lot of stories about the jinn was five o'clock in the morning up, immortalized to sleep, and I was sleeping in the hall and to the sides of the door of my room and it was closed, I was sure of that because I am having problems because if grown next to the open door.

    Important nightmares began to pour in was one of the jinn pulling my leg and it hurts me, but I feel awake, and I was awakened after suffering my mother and I cry and Atemtem. The first thing I looked at him when I opened my eyes is the door of my room, was open to the end, I asked my mother whether they are of the hole, she replied no, and everyone was asleep and I'm sure he did not open it one of my family.

    Subsided and was amazed at what happened ..

    Also always dreamed of minors by clergy in the form of my mother and my father or my brother, but scary forms and trying to scare me, and also dream that my brother is trying to hurt me when I'm in the bathroom or to harass me ... I feel as if there is something trying to make me hate my parents ..

    Thank God I pray and committed to a certain extent ...

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