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Deadly myth .. Puzzle Bill Gunness

Deadly myth .. Puzzle Bill Gunness

    Deadly myth .. Puzzle Bill Gunness

    Killer did not know her heart of compassion, they enjoy slicing and dicing the bodies of their victims and throw their bodies to pigs hungry for devoured and all this for the money, which was she loves madly to the extent that it did not care about killing her children for him, became her life and her death is a mystery baffled investigators and researchers for decades which turned out to be a myth deservedly took place between the months murderers and criminals in history.
    Note: This is the serial killer of the most famous criminals in the world, to learn more about just
    writing "Belle Gunness" in any search engine.

    No mercy until her children and killed them in cold blood !! To the right image for the rescue workers and they raise their bodies from the burning house, Bill and to the left a rare picture of Bill Gunness, with her three children, who are all believed to have been killed by asphyxiation in her hand
    1907, the night is dark and rainy, all lights extinguisher in the town of Laporte exception of the light bulb lackluster emitted from one of the large wooden houses and isolated from the town, everything in that night was terrifying, but as much as if you, dear reader, approaching one of the windows that house. To know the true meaning of horror, there behind Almtracsh window by the wind storm, inside that house was bristling long woman tall and huge body, facial features and her overflowing cruelty and may littered with tufts of golden hair around her head, without caring to give the appearance of more incivility and brutality, was stuck her hand a huge cleaver plunged by the body of a naked men and the extended it on the table, occasionally mopping the drops of race and scattered blood on her face, took a break parties and members into small pieces and continued to work even disappeared body and turned into Stalan Khcbeyen great filled with cut human flesh, their campaign quietly to the barn and Avrgthma quickly in front of hungry pigs that quickly devoured fare appetite, the woman returned to the house and then quickly hidden lights and sank in the town in darkness and utter stillness only lightning light and the sound of thunder rumbling was not torn.
    Start of Norway
    Although many of the myths and rumors revolved around Bill Gunness life that was truly a great mystery still haunts many researchers, but the agreed upon is that she was born in 1859 to the family of Norwegian poor composed of father and mother and eight children were Bill youngest, not much is known about her childhood But, according to the program of the Norwegian television reported they had been in the prime of their youth to the accident had a major impact in the formulation of the harsh character, while they dance on one occasion and is the holder, exposed to the assault of an adult hit harshly on her stomach, which led to abortion her child and although she recovered from this rapid incident, but all of the known agreed that her character dramatically changed and significantly after this incident, and maybe this was a major reason for its insistence on immigration to America has worked for three years in one of the large farms in order to collect the price of the ticket trip by ship to the New World.
    Migration to the New World
    And in 1881 her dream and got to America to live with her sister, which had been preceded by immigration and may initially worked as a maid and check was the only concern is to raise money and in any way and had described her sister, and penchant for this, saying: "Bill was obsessed with collecting money and which was its major weakness. "
    In 1884 she married Mads Sorensen in Chicago and has made two inaugurate a sweet shop, but he was unsuccessful projects and had burned down the shop suddenly after several months and claimed Bill he caught fire as a result of the explosion of an oil lamp, and even though he had never found any trace of this lamp but alleged that Bill received the insurance value of a complete shop and used the money to buy a house which quickly burned the other is to receive the amount of insurance it is also and buy another house.

    Rizk couple with four daughters, two of them died after being infected with a sudden fever and diarrhea and vomiting are the signs and symptoms of poisoning are similar, and Bill has received a large sum of insurance companies because the girls were locked on their lives. In 1900 her husband died suddenly, after only one day of the withdrawal Polasta insurance on his life !! And despite the fact that many of his relatives insisted that he was poisoned, but the family doctor recorded the cause of death as a campaign attack and Bill Gunness received US $ 8,500 from the insurance company, and this amount was equivalent to a fortune at that time Gunness carried by him to buy a farm in the Laporte area in the state Indiana and moved to live with her two daughters.
    Farm house and the next horror
    The new Bell home on the farm was formerly a brothel and it contains several entertainment sections and there Bill introduced to her second husband in 1902, which carried the title later, Peter Gunness was an immigrant Norwegian burly runs the farm pigs for breeding and works butcher too, and was formerly married and has two daughters, one died suddenly, and after only a week of being married to Bill. In December 1902 he died, Peter Gunness, a result of exposure to incident appalling only claim Bill, the huge metal machine fell on her head an offer from one of the shelves, smashing his skull and killed him on the spot, no one believes the novel Bill Her husband Peter was a strong man and he ran a huge farm and not clumsy man to die in this way and a commission of inquiry to have ended the incident is a murder and Bill accused Ptdberha and to make matters worse is that Jenny daughter of Peter Gunness, with four ten-year-old told one of her classmates at school the truth about what happened to her father, saying: "We have Lamy has to kill my father, I was blocked by machete on his head and he died on the spot, I hope that does not tell this one. "
    But later, denied Jenny its words to investigators and Bill insisted she was innocent of the incident, her husband and killed because she was pregnant with a child of her husband (born in 1903 and called Philip) and because they are able to demonstrate and representation has been able to convince investigators her release and drop the charge them, but for his son Jenny her husband, which was the only witness to the murder of her father has suddenly disappeared in 1906, and Bill Neighbors have told that she sent to a private school in Chicago, but the truth is they killed Jenny and find Investigators her body later in the farm.
    Bride death trap killer ..
    In the meantime, Bill has Bostajar Unmarried man named Ray unavoidable to help her in farm management and also follows the announcement published in the newspapers all the big cities:
    "Beautiful widow owns a large farm in one of the best areas of the countryside to Laporte - Indiana, would like to recognize Mr. respectable be equal in place and OK to merge Therotema. Will not accept any message unless the sender was not ready to do a personal visit after the reply. The announcement only serious "
    After the announcement the start of the men arriving from every side and towards towards Bill Gunness farm, was mostly greedy wealth beautiful widow, and they think that they have signed a fishing easy and booty permitted, but did not manage Boukdahm they are become Sidon and booty, and they will not leave this farm seconds and they are alive, it was all of them affluent and mostly brought with him his entire fortune in the form of cash or checks, they all disappear after less than a week on their presence on the farm and had not seen one yet, only one person named George Anderson did not survive them , which did not bring all his wealth with him to the farm and did not like Bill often they were not beauty who expect as he realized that it cruel woman and while heralded ordered the money told her that he needed to return to the city to bring the rest of his money, and that night, and while Anderson was asleep I wake up to the sound in the room and opened his eye to see Bill standing over his head and is holding a candle, there was a strange look and terrifying in her eyes made him screaming panic Fterkth and went out of the room in a hurry either is it rose up from his bed and was trembling with fear and wearing his clothes and ran away from home and no one has seen in Laporte again.
    Women's severed head Puzzle
    With the increasing number of disappeared men on the farm initiated doubts about Bill Gunness and the start of a lot of victims' relatives searching for them and Bill was telling them that they have left the farm, and she did not know anything about them, in the meantime, faced Bill a new problem where Ray was unavoidable her assistant on the farm wander out of love and a passion and jealousy began to eat his heart, with the influx of more and more men and suitors and taking acting recklessly and cranky, forcing Bell was dismissed from his job and then the news of Sharif that he had threatening, but the unavoidable taking threatened to reveal what he knew of secrets, And while things started getting worse for her lost Billy apparently began preparing for something where she go to her lawyer in town and told him that she feared for her life because of threats to the inevitable and has developed and will go wealth which to her three children has also blocked all accounts in banks and withdraw all of its assets.
    28 Ibrl 1908 woke up the farm worker who sleeps on the second floor of a house on the smell of smoke, suffocating and when he opened the door of his room, he saw the flames devour the house he fled out the window and rushed to the town to call for help, and in the morning was Bill Gunness home has turned into a pile ashes and found four bodies inside the burned-out lying one the other hand, the first lady was, but they were without top in addition to three more bodies belonged to children.
    For Ms. headless was unable Investigators identify them as if they go back to Bill Gunness, despite the fact that the neighbors testified she can not be the Bill are shorter stature and smaller, but Bill's dentist said that the body was dating her because investigators found alongside two of false teeth that had made her, in fact, this controversy will last about decapitated body of a woman for another hundred years, but for the children's bodies have been identified quickly where they were three children, Bill, two girls and a young child.
    Investigators inspect and start digging around the farm, and the bodies began to appear one prayed the other, there were dozens of bodies, in the swine barn and in different parts of the farm, investigators have found the remains of 40 bodies of men and children were buried in the graves of narrow and small.
    Investigators arrest of Ray unavoidable and accused of killing Bill Gunness and her three children and despite being acquitted of murder, but the court accused him of other crimes and sentenced to prison for twenty years but less than a year did not spend them as soon disease stroke and died in prison in 1909.
    Confessions unavoidable horrible
    In 1910, one of the priests offered to the court to testify as told him by Ray unavoidable while he was dying in prison, in his confession that revealed unavoidable All Bill crimes also swear that it is still alive and kicking, unavoidable, and before his death shortly Tell your pastor and another prisoner with him in cell that he did not kill anyone, but it Bill helped bury the bodies of many of the victims, when he was attending a speech to the farm was a Bill providing comfortable accommodation to him and is trying to lure him and provide delicious meals food and a variety of him, and then sedated him with a cup of coffee And then you destroy the head by a cleaver, sometimes they wait until the sleep away and then enter his room stealthily and is holding a candle and are sedated him by chloroform, and for being a huge woman and powerful have been doing to carry the lives of his bed, such as children and download it to the bottom floor of the place on the table and you Ptkotaiah, has been an expert cut and autopsies where she learned it from her second husband, who was a butcher, Ahina was the burial of the remains in the swine barn and in other parts of the farm and sometimes they offer remains to pigs devoured by the hungry.
    For severed head of a woman discovered under the rubble of the house burned to the inevitable has told them that they come back in fact to a woman brought in Bill of Chicago under the pretext of employing a housekeeper for the home and then had drugged the same day that reached him and cut off her head and carried out by placing in a bag tied to a heavy stone and threw him in deep part of the lake and then withdrew the body and extended in the bottom floor of the house and then had drugged her three children killed by asphyxiation and then extended their small bodies, along with the body of a headless woman.
    After that Bill has erosion corpse decapitated women and Bustha some of her clothes and then stripped two teeth false and thrown them together body to think everyone as her body, and then set fire to the house and departed quickly, and admitted unavoidable that helped in the implementation of its plan and they agreed to flee together, but it deceived and did not come to the road and prepared to flee together with him and fled alone through farms and disappeared in the woods surrounding the town.
    Unavoidable told Pastor that Belle Gunness is a rich woman, I have killed 42 men or more came to the farm and all of them had brought a sum of money between 1,000 and $ 32,000, so it has been estimated that it collected nearly $ 250,000 and is the equivalent of wealth very large at that time.
    Although the certificate unavoidable this documented, but many of them especially challenging for being a part of the puzzle is the main suspect in the murder of Bill Gunness and her three children.
    What happened to Belle Gunness then ??
    For decades there have been a lot of reports about watching Bill, a lot of friends and knowledge swore they saw in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, until 1931 there were reports that she lived in Mississippi as a woman is very rich and has a lot of property, Police have received and for twenty years, at least two a day from people who claim they saw Bill Gunness, but any of these views are not verifiable and remained a puzzle without a solution.
    For residents in the town of Laporte and who knew Billy for years to understand divided in opinion about the body of woman decapitated, some think it belonged to Billy, and that the inevitable has done really kill her and that he is the real culprit who fabricating stories about Bill to shirk his crimes and others think that the The body does not belong to it and it is a hoax carried out to escape and to cover up its crimes.
    In 1931 he was arrested in Los Angeles on a woman named "Esther Carlson" accused of poisoning and killing one of the men for money and has claimed two people who know Billy that she is, but he is not sure of the allegations and women have died in the same year while was waiting for her trial.
    In 2007, a US research from the University of Indianapolis team opened the tomb of a headless woman who found the house burned to the work of DNA analysis to make sure it Bill Gunness, and in the case proved the contrary Vsicom team opened the tomb of Esther Carlson for the examination them and awaiting the results which are expected announcement in months next.
    It remains to be reminded that in spite of the different investigators and researchers about Ray unavoidable degree, but most agree that Bill Gunness was a criminal professional draconian and it already has many of the crimes before buying the farm and then, but that many people believe that the first crimes were in Norway even before migrating to the United States, and may be unavoidable partner in the crimes, but the mystery remains standing, Is Bill Gunness died on the farm and is decapitated body of a woman returning to her? Or was it the smartest and Edhi everyone and painted her escape from the farm plan carefully and provisions? What do you think dear reader?

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