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Eye envy or charm or Haunted House

Eye envy or charm or Haunted House

    Eye envy or charm or Haunted House

    In 2013, a strange thing happened at the home of my family, Mama left the house because they quarreled with the Pope, but strangely not here, the strangest thing when they left he told me Baba God that the house enchanted, and he went to his room and shut the door behind him, I'm afraid, the case is a very difficult , big sisters and my brother collected and told them what he told me and my dad, my brother said, forget about it and your father is shocked by what happened.
    But my sister said to him: I remember what we found in front of the threshold of the house? .. We found red dust.
    Here my brother opened his eyes and stared at my sister and said: Yes, and on another day we found

    water .. Remember the O daughters? .. We found water and we do not have neighbors in the apartment opposite .. I've gone - we inhabit architecture -.
    So we are frightened, and the days passed and we are waiting for the return of Mama, Mama, and finally came back, but I felt from entering the rotation of the head and a strange feeling, she said to the Pope: field .. I do not I will go back home to my family.
    We had, it was a day of rejoicing birth mom, unfortunately not soon returned until I left.
    Pope pair aunt asked to actually recite some verses of the Koran on Mama, do and returned Mama and we felt very happy, but after exactly a year, in 2014, quarreled again and deported Mama, she left home to my grandmother, and my brother Karim spend with them because small.
    We stayed Okhtaa and I and my brother, we slept alone, but in the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of a little boy cry and Papa says I'm scared, I ran towards my brothers room, I found a great sleeper, I said what this sound reasonable cream may be my brother returned to the house! .. I looked at the spoon sit from afar I saw the light burning, but when I entered I did not find any one.
    In the morning I asked the Pope said to me, I turned off the light before you sleep and did not lit one, perhaps you dream of. I told both Dad, I'm sure.
    The next night I heard a strange sound, as if I heard my sister say to the Pope: Pope I'm scared ... I've cut the electricity and a return repeated the same sentence, but my sister was in the room with me .. it is the speaker?! .
    Baba told us what had happened began to feel fear Baba, but Ahdina told us they hallucinations because of the departure of your mother.
    But the next day my room door at midnight came and said to me: You are the light of the lit room?. But I was not.
    The next day the Pope came, and with him a bottle of water readable by verses from the Koran and Biskbha appeared on the wall of the house and Mama returned after a period Vtsaleha.
    And from that day to day and I say envious eye .. .. envious or charm or a haunted house? .

    I hope that my friends believe me because this story actually happened ... I hope that you will help me.

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