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Fatal desire .. The Angel of Mercy turned to Azrael

Fatal desire .. The Angel of Mercy turned to Azrael
    Fatal desire .. The Angel of Mercy turned to Azrael
    Fatal desire .. The Angel of Mercy turned to Azrael

    ! Some people can hide their feelings and real feelings and possessing the talent to mislead and deceive the other hand, is a scary person in every sense of the word, dear reader, especially when they assimilate in their minds a great deal of problems and psychological contract. How much of a heinous crime committed by the hands of the people seemed to heterosexual in people's eyes and they were farthest from the suspicions which enabled them to continue to commit crimes for the longest time, and these are known as murderers Almtzlslon because they once committed the first crime, they will never stop. And the story of the day talking about the serial killer was able to hide crazy about the people for a long period during which committed many heinous crimes disguised under the dress Angels of Mercy, a woman found a lot of excitement and fun in taking the lives of people and wished if she was able to harvest as much of them .

    Feel ecstatic overwhelming and see their victims are dying
    To the right, a true picture of a rare gene Tabn and to the left a picture of a small bottle of morphine, such as those that were Jane
    I was born Jane Tabn (Jane Toppan) in 1854 in one of the cities of the state of Massachusetts, her real name is Honura Kelly, was her childhood miserable because her mother died at an early age and she stayed and her sister custody of their father, who is addicted to alcohol and who was suffering from mental led him in diseases eventually to full madness of sending small Jane and her sister to an orphanage in Boston was.
    At that time there was a large number of orphans in the United States, because of the civil war and also because of an outbreak of some deadly epidemics epidemic of tuberculosis, which was harvested thousands of lives across the country and kills Bauaúl whole, for this and because of the great momentum the disease are permitted by law to orphanages in Showing children living in her dependents is not up for adoption only, but rather to work as well as domestic servants in exchange for access to care, clothing, food and housing, and to the family that runs the orphan then complete freedom as a servant in the officially adopted if she wants as that of an orphan right to leave the family home then works in adulthood if it so desires. And the misfortune gene that no one wants, but in adopting one day presented to the orphanage lady claims that Tabn and Jane escorted to her home to work as a maid.
    Since the early days of her new home came under small Jane mistreated and reprimands and beatings for trivial reasons and it felt great jealousy of Elizabeth, which her employer pampered daughter that was convergence older and they have everything you want while it was Jane goes a long day in the domestic work weary. Although she spent several years in Ann Tabn service and endured the rigors of treatment, but that the latter never want to adopt Jane, but they allowed it to contrast the use of her name and is something which helped Jane in the future to hide the history of the real family record of poverty and misery and madness.
    At the age of nineteen left Jane home Tabn family permanently and later linked romantically involved with one of the young crowned betrothal but her fiance abandoned later and is something which added a new node to the problems of mental inherited and accumulated and said that she had tried during that period commit suicide several times, but they failed to kill herself.
    In the following years initiated Jane study nursing, and through lessons that surprised her classmates because of her passion and its penchant for abnormal anatomy lesson as was Jane find great pleasure in the dissection of human corpses to the contrary from the rest of the students who were forced into this lesson.
    In 1885 he initiated Jane working as a nurse intern at Cambridge Hospital and there finally found the right place to vent their genetic crazy without that raise doubts around as if no one could have imagined that becoming an angel of mercy, which eases the pain of people to Azrael eager to claim lives. At first I took Jane showing a growing interest in the study of drugs and for the purpose of access to way to enable them to kill people without being felt by one, as they had been for most of her time in the hospital, so I took manipulator prescription written by doctors and initiated using patients Kviran experiments Using injected with varying amounts of narcotic drugs and nonsteroidal then waiting for a moment to observe the effects that let go of these drugs on the nervous defenses. And this crazy experiments have led in the end to reach Jane magical described deadly consisting of an overdose of a real estate morphine (Morphine) and atropine (Atropine) where they observed experimentally that the symptoms of morphine poisoning was covering the symptoms of atropine and vice versa, making it difficult for doctors know the real cause of death.
    No one knows exactly how the gene choose their victims and what are the specs that were looking for them, but all agree that sexual desire was to play a major role in most of the crimes. After that you choose the lives and the property of the deadly Thaknh Jane was sitting next to him and find indescribable pleasure in control and is dying. Sometimes they go up to the victim's bed and lie down next to him so you feel Boaddiqh warm rapidly inflame her chest whip was then embraced and Chdh to her body strongly while Tdahmh agony, and appears to have been caressed victims needy sexually during Ahtdharhm as I told the jury during her trial that she was getting in on the fun overwhelming while the patient is dying caressed it opens his eyes and regain consciousness for a short while before his body dissociation Spirit, the reviews of horror and shock that represents the pinnacle of orgasm for Jane.
    In 1889 Jane to work as a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital and there moved killed a number of other victims, but soon separated from her job she went back to work in Kamrig hospital to kill some patients also before you begin doubts around and are separated because of the injected number of patients at doses rash of Opium.
    After separating from the hospital decided to Jane to work as a nurse private and strange that the new work soon flourished despite some rumors here and there about the theft of goods from the homes of patients and despite the death of a large number of them are obscure, and was her sister-sister Elizabeth or rather pampered daughter Previous to her employer, Ms. Anne Tabn is one of the victims in that period, and it seems that the main purpose of the killing was revenge for Elizabeth from her mother and also because Jane was jealous of Elizabeth and not have a severe hatred since her childhood where she was working as a maid in her home.
    In 1901 Jane moved to live in the house of an old officer named Davis religion to take care of him after the death of his wife, who was Jane may have to kill herself in the past. And it was not long on the presence of Jane in Al Davis home until the old debt Matt then done to him and vaguely eldest daughter Annie and followed shortly second daughter Mary, and here were increasing doubts the rest of the members of the Davis family in the cause of accidents, death sequence and illogical that befell them, especially if these incidents did not occur until after the arrival of Jane home. Therefore, and because of the sense of danger was the Jane away from home under the cover of darkness.
    Jane moved to the home of her sister-sister Elizabeth, under the pretext of taking care of her husband and help them overcome the plight of his wife's death, although it was she who had to kill her! , And because she was an angel of death croaks albums and solve havoc wherever they landed sail so it was only one week elapsed since its presence in the home of a pair Elizabeth until his younger sister died suddenly and mysteriously then is subjected himself ill, after the Jane Btzmima small dose, and in order to find an excuse to remain in the house on the pretext take care of him until cured, but start out strongly suspicious. In order to suspicions about the Jane poisoned herself a small dose of killer property away, but it led to the opposite result as increased doubts pair Elizabeth and ordered her to leave the house immediately.
    In the meantime, Davis family had filed a complaint to the police demanded that the autopsy, which was Mary Jane Davis had killed her and she had recently buried. The family was suspicious of that Mary died poisoned and doctors who explained the body's report had come to confirm their suspicions, as clearly demonstrated the presence of a large amount of morphine and atropine in her body were the main cause of her death.
    In 1901 he was arrested on Jane Tabn for the murder of Mary Davis, and during her interrogation admitted Jane committing other crimes, and raised her confession horrific great shock among the American public at the time as the crimes and put the health system of the country's entire under accountability to the inability of doctors to detect This despite the fact that multiple crimes mostly occurred within specialized hospitals and repeated occurrence for a long time.
    In 1902 he was presented Jane Tabn trial on charges of killing 11 people and may expect a lot of people that are sentenced to death but the jury surprised everyone and deemed not guilty and recommended sent to a psychiatric hospital, and it seems that the jury may have taken into account the tragic circumstances surrounding childhood Jane, as well as the inherent insanity in her family her father and her sister were both may 'Enter to psychiatric facilities, where they spent the remainder of the aged there.

    After a period of trial, the New York Journal published a press release by one of its editors where he unveiled a interview with Jane Tabn lawyer in a special session in which he said that his client had told him during the preparation to defend it that the number of victims of the real is 31 people and they deceived the jury by claiming insanity hoping to be able to get out of the clinic after a period of time to continue its crimes, as per the letter told him that the real ambition is to "kill more people .. more than any murderer or killer lived on earth ...".
    But these statements did not succeed in convincing the judiciary to re-Jane Tabn trial, on the contrary, assured them that this woman is absolutely crazy, regardless of the number of victims.
    Lived Jane Tabn in mental clinic for many years and did not come out of her, but a dead body in 1938, but the memory of the horrific remained engraved in the minds of a lot of people and of them doctors and nurses, the clinic which ruled them and who have been remembered for many years how Jane was trying seduced claim them by injecting Patients overdose of morphine and is, she says, laughing an evil tone: "we will have a great deal of fun, and we see them die!".
    Finally Jane Tabn may not be the most serial killers in terms of the number of victims because men are Outstanding in this respect, of course, but Jane has overtaken much of the daughters of sex killers and characterized about them something prompted many researchers to study the condition, since women usually kill in order to get the money, and sometimes because of jealousy and hatred or adoration and love, but rarely kill women because of sexual desire immediate as is the case with Jane Tabn crimes.

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