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Is there anyone else living home

Is there anyone else living home
    Is there anyone else living home
    Comes In Djapti story about my grandmother's house haunted. Has always been my mom and my aunt Tkhvaan us and we were young what is really happening in the house to avoid intimidate .. Even though we were in the middle of the night to hear the steps people walking on rural roof of the house or even their ways on closed doors, be find any explanation .. is the only explanation .. and Unfortunately, the real .. is that the house is inhabited by others have.
    In the cold night of the winter of 2012, my mother and I were brothers and four, and my aunt and her only daughter, in addition to the older wife AVAILABLE Oulideh and of course my grandfather and my grandmother. We met in the winter holiday as usual in the rural my grandfather's house, which is located in a small village far from the remote city, over a normal day full of laughter and banter we

    are girls, but was destined to be incomplete, especially in those that terrible night of happiness.
    After that we had dinner together and we have to wash pots, went to bed late at night due to ensure long in the front yard of the house. I remember and optimal one o'clock at night I woke up frightened at the sound of a powerful explosion like a bomb next to the house, but what if I woke up and flew me to sleep until I learned that the LED source is a kick in the door of the gallery that has the bedrooms. My mom and my aunt also Astikzta immediately and we exchanged glances Mufzoah every one of us secretly tremble in her bed. I stood my mom and my aunt and decided to go for sure, and the intensity of fear on my mom has got up speeding and suffered until I make sure that any harm infects I, too, opened the wooden door locked with the key and went out to the front yard to Tstqublna darkness dreary, The moon was absent that night Sasebena.
    My aunt quickly combed place in the belief that a thief hiding somewhere, and I was impressed by the intensity of the courage they do not carry any weapon that protects, then Okhaddt path and disappeared from my sight at the juncture that connects the front yard rear garden. While my mom went towards the bathroom God sight isolated few steps and I stood at the door watching carefully and place of horror almost kills me, but I did not want, but did not think for a moment to leave a single mom expensive.
    When we fail to find the source of the sound, we returned We sheltered to bed after he made sure the door is closed tightly again, and while the three of us put our heads on pillows until we heard another loud bang at the door so I felt Bartjavh, and my heart almost burst of horror intensity, and I heard my mom and then recites Qur'an and breathing may become rapid and aunt tried to hide as much as possible so as not horrified Me Trabna, I lit the lights and I saw their faces yellowish terrifying, but my aunt urged me to sleep, and she is probably trying to get cats to Taatdfo.
    And have already read some of the Koran and Ngtina well after we closed the room in which we sleep where the door so as not to hear the knock on the door, and the three of us finally slept.
    This incident was followed by many of the incidents, has been unable to mom or my aunt to hide the truth Me anymore. In the summer, I remember that free wedding day and the severity of the crowds that attended the wedding filled the whole house of seven rooms and we the people of the groom Adtrrnna that sow in the front yard and slept there, we slept all on the ground, and the breeze is light and warm net and the sky and the stars twinkle in them. A beautiful night and difficult to think it might turn out to like Bgeham.
    There was a ceiling of iron slant covers half the yard and I have grown quite below, as well as my mother, and in the middle of the night I woke up as usual on the roads and shake the iron roof over our heads, it is true that I Artabt in the beginning, but reassured myself that it is not only cats homeless, my eyes closed , but the road back again and this time it was more powerful than before .. it looks as if someone jumps to issue a loud bang Vehtz ceiling strongly then gradually abate. Awakened my mom and I shiver in fear and as soon as I got up and told her what had happened until alerted me go back to sleep again because they cats again and this is the only explanation, which is owned by the mother of Ttminni.
    He returned sound of the new and I saw my mother was twisting in her bed and her face invade confusion while staring at the ceiling. The situation continues like this, and whenever the sound came back my heart beats so strongly between my ribs Votejelh will come out of his place, and you look at the canopy of the roof from where I am and how I see it vibrates so terrible shape, and I am sure that this was prepared from cats work anymore. I did not want to enter to sleep at home and let my mom that I love more than myself and the rest .. also did not last for a long time until I started to cry of horror, while the intensity of the sound is getting stronger, and I got my aunt and her daughter claimed while remaining surprisingly still asleep. We stood at the point where we can see what's above the ceiling but the intensity of the darkness did not see anything.
    Assuming if it was a cat or cats is not able to issue this big strong vibration, sound, or even the wind but in fact there are only a very light breeze are able to move only a few petals of flowers.
    Early in the morning I woke up and I reassuring because last night was over the good of the Koran after the colorful and we went back to sleep. However kept strongly terrified whenever I think of those frightening night.
    Finally recognized us my aunt and my mother from the fact that the house is haunted and told us that the house was built on land that was in the past and in the French colonial time dedicated to the hospital, injured and killed by the French colonial army.
    My grandparents did not Aibaa never leave the place despite persistent attempts by their children, because the place is the first house Qtnoh .. aunt also admitted she got up in the night to go to the bathroom and I was surprised by the sight of God it is closed from the inside, and after many attempts door opened after designated the name of God and was shocked that no one at home, as well She said she was sleeping alone in the living room and I suddenly felt like a control woke up to see a woman sitting next to the bed and stares at it, it was hair long blond, closed the aunt of her eyes and followed the Koran, a tremble with fear and I was surprised by the disappearance of women.
    Wife uncle also zippered door by which in her room while she tried to get out and swore they did not have any one in the hallway or even in front of the door, and strongly cried in the room which is fully booked and we're out trying to break the key swing suddenly disappeared came up empty and open Bmuftaha door.

    This was a story that summarized as much as possible, and let me tell you that this story is true and not a hundred percent Add anything it did not quote any accidents from movies or the like and God is witness to my words .. leave you in the last freedom of expression and to express your opinion.

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