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Jamaica charming white .. monster embodies the image of a woman

Jamaica charming white .. monster embodies the image of a woman

    Jamaica charming white .. monster embodies the image of a woman

    Jamaica charming white .. monster embodies the image of a woman
    In Jamaica, there is a white Old Palace and is located near the tomb of a woman people called the white witch, which was once the palace lady and what turned him from the vast agricultural land and said it was beautiful and wealthy widow, and at the same time cruel and sinister name to taste torturing and killing the poor slaves who have been thousands of them and was particularly fond of killing young children to bring offerings to demons through magical rituals that were practiced frightening in the corridors of the palace, and although she died decades ago, but many residents of Jamaica claim Angry that her spirit still roam the day to sow terror and fear around the palace, which was committed the most heinous crimes.

    She was taking a man from slaves to her bedroom every night and kill him after they tire of it
    Palace Rose Hall in Jamaica, where people argue that the white witch committed heinous crimes and where the ghost wandering around inside it every night
    Jamaica two centuries ago was an English colony teeming with thousands of slaves who were kidnapped Europeans from Africa and took them across the seas to work in the sugar plantations that were generating huge profits on the white colonizers in the Caribbean, and despite the fact that these slaves converted forcibly or over time to Christianity, but that Some of them remained secretly practiced ancient African beliefs that were mostly based in the magical and practices in which these poor slaves found some recreation miserable life they once knew at the mercy of the white man's arrogant and cruel, and it was one of those feudal eggs arrogant named John Palmer and live in a luxury mansion called SFA and had married in 1820 of a young girl named Annie was slim body does not exceed 5 feet in length, but it was beautiful Belle and the population may relay a lot of stories and rumors about the place that made him the most and those stories popular claims that she immigrated with her family at the age of ten from Europe to Africa and Haiti in there after her parents died of injuries fever Vkfeltha African witch and her mistress taught her the secrets of Voodoo (Voodoo) and trained to practice black magic which quickly Otguenth Annie and used it in the acquisition of John Palmer, the heart and makes it wander out of love and marry her.
    Soon start Obaid John Palmer are scared of the new wife, who took their dealings with the utmost cruelty and were used magic Taaoivha to extend absolute control over her husband, who turned into a plaything in her hand and for this mind-called slaves white witch name and not just a few years later, he died John Palmer suddenly even though he was a strong man, and do not complain of any illness and the fact is that Ms. Palmer had planted a deadly poison in his food to get rid of him and become the absolute lady on the palace and the farm and more than two thousand slaves and started to practice evils and rituals magical alien without fear and torment and kill slaves ugliest image, especially young children who were put themselves Kqarbin of demons after Tzbham and messing with their bodies Aldh thin, as it was lust not bored men were choose slaves powerful and take one of them every night to her bedroom then kill them after they tire of them and the bodies of the victims were transported to the coast and thrown into the sea through the corridors of the palace under the secret no one else knows their secrets.
    For a long time did not go until she married Annie once again was the widow of a rich and beautiful it proposed to her a lot of greedy wealth and they think deep in themselves that they have signed a fishing easy and booty permissible but they did not imagine a black destiny that awaits them on the charming Ambassahh hand, and Indeed it is only a few months until the woman's husband suddenly disappeared and the new Palmer claimed that he died of yellow fever and is common in those parts of the disease, but the truth was something else, Mrs. Palmer had killed her husband and tore his body tens lunges after Baghtth during sleep and then threw his body in the sea with the help of one of her her crime.lovers slaves who quickly is also disappeared after he killed Ms. Palmer to

    And what the widowed white witch even flocked suitors on the SFA again and soon found in one of them enlist Vtzojth and only a few months later, became a new victim added to the long list of victims and said it had killed him after he poured the wax melt in his ear while he slept and disposed of his body, as it did with ex-husbands and then claimed that he died because of fever.
    Tomb of the white witch near the palace and has become a tourist for many visitors to Jamaica station
    Ms. Palmer crimes lasted until 1830 and is the date she died it and rid the world of its evils and has revolved around death a lot of stories, one alleging that old black named Taco is killed her in retaliation for them because they had been slaughtered her granddaughter and provided an offering in a voodoo ceremonies vessels that were practiced, and there's another story and is closest to the truth and claims that Ms. Palmer was killed during the slave revolt in Jamaica in 1830 and is a revolution in which most of the land owners whites were killed and burned their homes and are said to be slaves tore the body of the white witch revenge for what she was doing them from the evils and Mopqat terrible, but they did not dare to burn her palace in the belief that he monitored and that the burn will develop eternal curse and this palace has become one of the few shortcomings in Jamaica that goes back to the era of feudalism and survived the destruction at the hands of rebellious slaves who burned nearly seven hundred and fifty-palaces, houses of feudal land minds, and eggs.
    Despite her death, but the White Witch continued to spread terror and took the frightened population catching stories about angry spirit that was wandering inside the palace researcher for revenge for that hired three of Tarda lives to Akhalsoum of the ghost, but they failed in their quest, and today there are many people in Jamaica swear they saw the ghost of Annie Palmer (Annie Palmer) or heard strange noises and scary issued by the palace and especially the sound of weeping and wailing for young children comes from an unknown destination down the palace.
    In recent years, SFA and the tomb of the White Witch in Jamaica has become one of the most sites attractive to tourists in spite of differences of opinion on the fact that her story, there are a number of historians are skeptical that Ms. Palmer was an evil witch and consider her story is a myth and the myth of popular and as the novel these, Annie Palmer is a real character who lived in the palace during the nineteenth century, but they were not harsh with the slaves and was not accused of killing one and did not marry only once and was a natural death in 1843, but this view did not prevent local residents and thousands of tourists from coming to the palace every year and did not stop the torrent stories spread by people around the white witch and ghost frightening.


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