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Jen desert Naughty By Sea Pearl

Jen desert Naughty By Sea Pearl
    Jen desert Naughty By Sea Pearl

    Threadbare clothes and cut his hands Mstrseltna down
    In some parts of the arid desert of Egypt always what we would sit at night after exhausting work in digging the soil and extract some samples of them on specialists starts us in the examination of those samples during the night and others are going to cover in sleep after the fatigue that had happened to him from the trouble while others work and who is still including the bodies of the living breath heroic bear ensure they meet together next to the B camps with the Coast guard us who lit the fire to keep warm, which also helps to luminance of Samar and others around them to attend the dinner in huge pots accommodate fills stomachs that number accumulated.

    Guard commander ordered to have some of his soldiers based on food preparation that attend the dinner so that we enjoy in this atmosphere Samer, Vansaawa him after less than two minutes gave us someone running down his eyes Tmlihma horror of breath, and speaks pithily Tohmk which issued mixed with breath rough seems to be speaking the language of the Nuba or one of the ancient languages ​​Voqdinma him and tried all of us to calm him down until the summons diaspora himself and told us that "the suit food" - meaning much - had disappeared, then take each other laugh think mince it took divided by faith the severe that Hilla has already disappeared, asked the guard commander, a Anehrh "How suit food disappear, certainly none of the present may be concealed so flirting with you and us."
    Here began the guard at the quivering as he looked around him and said to him: "No, sir, they are goblins," Farr blood in the veins of his commander and told him: "Dear Idiot any demons you believe that Altakarev, go off to the silo food and search for it but not Tatna out if empty Vserf against you report and trapped in solitary confinement ", accept his Istrjohn their leader not to do because they believe that their colleague is right and they warned at the beginning of our work by the Bedouins there that this region is the valley of the Committee inhabited for thousands of years and warned them to work in that area, but they may be feared than to tell him this before, responded leader: "Is it conceivable that the jinn steal suit food," responded one of my colleagues have had many see all these things, "Yes, O officer have read before that they can transfer material things," looked at him the officer a wrathful a few moments and then Face up to the guard that go to each location entrusted with the work and not Avatha a Thanita on this matter.
    Soldiers went to where he ordered them and then we started working group also pull out one by one to the places where Mbetna We are filled with silence sad evening for dinner and fun, who went with the wind.
    I am after my arrival to replace my B began Oottaghz to sleep with the operation of the radio to broadcast the Koran, which I could hear them interference may amount to a nuisance has instructed that the time to double the transmission because we are far from urbanization, and then it happened that whenever the infiltration of sleep to my eyelids knock on the walls and on the door woke me Thanita, even if Tired and Ashtt outrage what is happening I went to the door of the room and opened it and was commander of the guard room correspond to two almost where I saw him open the door of his room at the same time, then I saw him cursing the guards and calling them Vtgmawa him and asked him about what bother him, he replied aloud: "Which of you who flirting with me and knock on the door and call out my name, voice, which mimics the female", consider the soldiers to each other in panic came one from him and cadaveric on his knees, saying: "By God, sir, we mourn this matter for several days and each of us hears of calling him by his voice like a female voice or the voice of a monster or voice Lakeh and if one of us wanted to run the radio on the Holy Quran Radio found that most Rehgha If not radio to songs and music calmed all, it has been feared to tell you so as not to accuse Mkhbarak insanity or obtained from your punishment , but now I hope that they have ratified all our conversation on that matter.
    Under the commander of the guard distracted for a few minutes without saying a damn about looking into the distant in the middle of the desert in front of him as if he waits in anticipation one coming by then features predict that he was determined his decision on something, then said to them all Well let us go all of you to stayed overnight and trying to get out of it no matter what began It was until the morning and then went to us we research team and asked us to terminate our mission as soon as possible, Vojibna his consent to do so and made it clear that we actually end up in a nearby days from now.
    In the morning we started our activity is more urgent than ever before, and I had asked the driver to have that I and a fellow geologists Asahbna to an area away from our three kilometers until we get them some surface samples and after we completed our mission to collect those samples resolve to leave and asked the driver to take us back to the site the car began to move, after drove for about one kilometer began its engine in snarling declaring lack of obedience to the driver and after many it attempts to reconcile the stubborn engine despair our driver gallant tell us the news is unfortunate is that we have to Ntrgel of the car in the direction of the site, we obey his words and began All three of us to talk about some things while walking, and within minutes of the conversation, which began to take the turn of fun between me and the driver, who was then going on my right hand and I'm in the middle of geological and colleague on the left, which alerts us that it has become is driven by this current with us in this between me and the driver's fun dialogue, began wakeup I told him: "Do not share", then I was surprised that he did not respond to moves slowly and not only that, but his eyes were Jahztan he looks for our right shows the whole world horror like see in front of him the most legendary monsters ferocity and prestige, Vvzaat of its body and began I and the driver turn our sight toward point of what is seen and found a man walking Bmhamatna a few meters pace tight and fast at the same time, his clothes tattered and cut his hands Mstrseltan down in the stability with Toulhma which reaches them to the top of the knees slightly and was giving his tongue a Wager his mouth and tongue with Tdlah up down his chin and shows Napan Taiwilan somewhat above the normal level and a half times (by my estimation) with Palace hair even like hardly grow, our acquisition of all of the awesomeness and the sooner we paced around our site and faster also that object is strange to accelerate that same narrow-paced as if his legs tied with rope makes a difference little between them, which also keeps the level Mhamatna to walk. I have started reading verses from the Quran, and at the moment we found geological our colleagues petrify he refuses indifferent movement Ptoslatna him where urge him to speed up with us and we have our boat to reach a distance of not more than 500 meters and within minutes of our attempts him to move fainted suddenly Vahturna in ordered and looked driver's point of that object and found him not exist Vtfatt round about in each hand did not find him and he told me so Vhmdt God and I told him to help me carry our colleague (which we found too heavy up with Obesity to 140 kilo grams) Vhmlnah together - with difficulty, of course - until we got to our site and we are in the most fatigue of this pregnancy driver and faster to tell one of the guards to go to the doctor the site to bring him and others to help us in him, we went to the doctor clinic and four hours later woke up our colleague after he received a sedative during his coma and the doctor informed us that his condition is stable, but he has to stay in the clinic for some time.
    The impact of the recent incident and after two days we got a permit from the point of our work to leave the site to begin work at another location away too much, after Hadtna a tribal Bedouin tribes who came to visit our colleague in his illness clinic doctor that jinn are doing this just for the sake of leave for their valley and their kingdom They do not want to get us out Ovetna but only so that they enjoy living in peace.

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