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LIVING graves

LIVING graves

    LIVING graves

    I will tell the story that do not belong to me alone, but widespread phenomenon in our village .. I actually live in the city, but in the summer we go to our village, we have a big house there.

    At the entrance of our village cemetery there, oh so long as I have heard talk of the old cemetery, which are still buried until today ... most of those conversations talking about the wondrous creature, this creature called "The Punisher" .. him moan high terrifying continuous lasts.

    They say it hurts the dead, sometimes they say he comes to the relatives of the deceased says to them that the funeral him money to so and so, or give them some commandments .. Of course, these stories old was received by my grandmother. I remember one night in the days of my adolescence she told me my aunt she would go to sleep in her house, a deserted long ago, my sister and I and the girls aunt and I saw that go with it, but wish we did not do, as we slept next to my aunt room to room, and throughout the night we could hear the whine Punisher, Adding Rabna is the darkness of the house, plunging due to power outages in the house since it abandoned years ago, we heard clearly shall be cut off period and then come back.

    The front of the house and the farm behind the farm there is an old cemetery closed, but I did not even know of their existence only that night.

    I think that that night of the longest nights that passed us, and that came up until the morning we left the house and went to the house of my father


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