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Ms. blonde in my grandmother's house

Ms. blonde in my grandmother's house
    Ms. blonde in my grandmother's house

    I was traveling to my grandmother and I was hit by a high fever for four days ..
    Some might expect that struck me is the hallucination due to fever .. but I sure it is not a hallucination ..
    When I woke up and found a young lady very beautiful blonde Pfstan blue chiffon very beautiful perhaps in the thirties, and I I was only 10 years, looked at it and was amazed to be?! .
    She smiled and told me Ante sick.
    I said: Yes, I know.
    Rest said.
    I said: I feel better.
    Rest said.
    And repeat this dialogue 5 times I felt harassed, I called my grandmother who was cleared the hall and I'm bedroom but I hear her voice.
    And she said to me that lady: if my cry will not hear a voice .. Vahma! .
    I was afraid and I sat .. She said: Nami.
    But I started I got out of bed and stood, Vdftna strongly on the bed. And I was shocked because her gaze turned to nervousness.
    Amazed Who is she? .. And what do you do this? .. And why my parents allowed her to enter ?? .
    Disposal repeated 3 times, but the third time Astatt access to the door to tell my grandmother Vshptn that Is. strongly Olguetna on the bed, grew and did not feel anything, and when I woke up I quickly ran to my grandmother told her and told my mother.
    They told me that because of the fever, she stressed to them that it is not a fever .. and God knows who was that lady .. but I do not know of any hardness of heart in the treatment of this child so sick !! .. What do they want from me? .. Do you take care of me were honest? .

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