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Ms. specter of brown robe

Ms. specter of brown robe

    Ms. specter of brown robe

    Fantastic photos coincidence of two professional photographers in one of the English magazines in 1936 in one of the palaces inhabited, image Brown Lady of Raynham Hall or brown robe, which sparked much fanfare in England in the thirties of the last century, I read the story of this ghost who repeated his vision over one hundred year.
    The ghost of the woman who remained in the palace to wander for a hundred years

    Left to right, the image of the strange ghost standing on the peace and to the image Tawsnd Palace where photo was taken.
    Is the image of the ghost of Lady with brown robe (The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall) months taken a picture of a ghost in Britain, but is one of the most famous images in the whole world for clarity and bizarre circumstances that led to this photograph was taken by photographers working in the magazine (Country Life) in 1936.
    Before taking a picture, there were several views and events of Troy for the presence of a ghost in Rinam Palace (Raynham Hall), and is a palace dating back to the seventeenth century and goes back to one of wealthy families in Britain and is Taosmond (Townsend family) family, and is believed to The ghost returns to Mrs. Charles Taosmond Taosmond wife, and is known as the nervous person by nature, and has been doubted that betray his wife, Faqbha that imprisoned in the palace and prevent them from communicating with anyone, so he prevented from seeing her children, and this lady remained a prisoner Palace until the last days of her life, and that there are others who say it Hngaha to lobby him in the palace.
    And return the first views stealth to 1835, in the Christmas holiday Christmas that year, where he had married minors have called a number of friends to attend a small party, and among those invitees there was a colonel in the army is where users and invited another ghost dressed in a brown appeared on the staircase to the top floor (the same place taken by the Ghost image later), and has been described as a ghost resembled the features of an aristocratic lady terrifying, Valaaon was an empty quarries and there was light wondrous overshadow the face and whole body, and Colonel may draw stealth, and others confirmed to attend the concert that they had seen the ghost, too.
    And the other incident occurred by the captain in the Royal Navy in Althasa century, where he decided he and two other people staying in one of the rooms of the palace, which everyone was believed to be haunted, but the captain was believed that it was only a joke, and had seen Captain and his two companions that night a body speckled dressed in a brown Ivra corridor leading to the room, and when their stealth passage I turned to them and consider them look devilish terrifying, making Captain pulls his gun and called bullet on stealth, but the bullet penetrated the stealth body to settle in the opposite wall and continued walking ghost suddenly disappears as the afternoon.
    And in 1926, he saw a group of young people standing on the stealth peace again, and there were other views was the most famous and most recently was in 1936, and is the most famous views at all, On September 19, at four in the afternoon, there was one of the photographers professional with his assistant took photographs of the palace to be published in one of the well-known magazines, and when the two were preparing to take a picture of him lobby, suddenly shouted assistant who was standing top of the ladder calling on his friend, the photographer who was getting ready to take the picture, asking him to accelerate take a picture of him, and with The photographer did not understand what his assistant says, but he has to take the picture and then ascended to the top of the ladder inquiring of his assistant about the reason for his screams, told him assistant, said he saw a body speckled-like fantasy and standing on a ladder, and with that the photographer could not believe his assistant, but when processing negative images to bar photography, the photographer could not believe their eyes, was a ghost standing, standing there on the peace as he saw and described his assistant.
    I've brought this image sensation when published for the first time in a review, December 26, 1936, and has undergone a picture of a group of tests have confirmed that the picture is correct and is the vehicle, and the owner of the studio where Hamadt's and two of his aides confirmed that they helped and looking at the photographer and is acidified pictures and there were not any trick-or-trick, but there are some skeptics and those who say that the photographer put some grease (grease) on the camera lens appeared like this picture, there are also others say the image is a ploy by merging two together.
    On the whole after this photograph was taken not seen anyone Brown Lady of Raynham Hall again


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