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Previous life .. Irish mother Story

Previous life .. Irish mother Story
    Previous life .. Irish mother Story

    Do you, dear reader, happen to be passed days street or entered the old building did not previously seen in your life, then suddenly Ikhamrk vague sense that the place looks familiar to you, and the more I looked at the corners and angles greater the feeling of intimacy and harmony with the details, but perhaps flames in front of you ghosts and shadows of the memories faded and grainy pass in your mind Koamadat light fast trying in vain to cling to them but they move away and fade before it can catch up with it, it's a sense of Ikhamr most people for once in their lives, at least, and often do not find his explanation Faasoh imagination and visual hallucinations and agree with what it is the opinion of scientists, too, but is there another explanation for this situation?.
    Claimed that she was dead before the twenty-one years of her birth !!
    Jenny image to the left as an agent and is carrying her own image, and the only orphan Mary Sutton, which claimed that the spirit dissolved in her body, and to the right after the image of Mary Sutton magnification

    There are many stories of people who claimed that they had lived a previous life, which they died and were born again in the body of another human being, and these stories and rare events known to all nations and peoples since ancient times and has been attributed to the ancients to what is known as the doctrine of reincarnation, which the spirits transmitted after death to another body bred again and start a new life, and like Buddhism and Hinduism, Reincarnation may believe some religions, strongly even become an integral part of their religious beliefs, and the heavenly religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, rejecting the idea completely and believed that man does not live only one life held accountable for his actions and his words through it, but even these religions was not devoid of teams and doctrines subset believe in Reincarnation one way or another, while some religious schools I went to accept reincarnation stories spread by people but Nspoha the reincarnation of lives and touched the elves, but scientists Verwdon reincarnation phrase and detailed because they already do not believe in the existence of the soul, but they claim that the soul is the mind, including a stock of feelings and emotions and memories, and with his death the body ends and turns into something rigid lifeless, any such the computer that cut his electricity transformed into a mere piece of metal rigid.
    English story Jenny agent (Jenny Cockell), is one of the "previous life" stories of famous and which was the subject of two books and offered on television and published around many investigative journalism, some of them in the newspapers and global broadcasts prestigious and respected, such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , of course there are many other stories covered by newspapers and magazines from time to time and the other on the subject of a previous life, and some in the Arab region, but we chose this story because it is, in addition to the strangeness, characterized dimension inhumane influential as it led to the reunion of a group of brothers and sisters after they dispersed ordinary time for more than sixty years, and also because this story is documented names, images, and they brought to the attention of supporters and skeptics at the same time.
    I was born Jenny agent in 1953 in England, she was a child dreamy imagine a lot of things that would not have a child in her age even think about it, but she thought that all the other children have dreams and fantasies such as those haunting her occasionally, one of the dreams that accompanied her childhood and as long as Judges awake is a dream scary for her death, she imagine herself in a very white room lighting which nets a single old-fashioned, and the Committee is heavy sense of alienation as if they are far away from her home, and she felt severe pain in her body and difficulty breathing, But that pain was not comparable with the feeling awful Bdno for it and Hsartha and fear on the children, which will leave them behind, it was a dream really strange, especially for a child at the age of Jenny. These fantasies and visions were gaining strength and clarity year after year, turning in the head of Jenny small to pictures of places and faces never seen in her life, most of those images visible was a small hut surrounded by trees and stands near the set of simple huts, was a small town and was Jenny map them on paper, but they were not know where this town is located in this wide world, but at school, Jenny was opening geographical Pour over and staring strangely to draw a map of Ireland and then pass her finger over the drawing slowly to suddenly stop at a certain spot books can underneath Malhd name, was a small town north of Dublin, and with that Jenny has never visited Ireland in her life, but a strong sense of irresistible was always holding it to that distant place.
    Despite the fantasies and dreams, annoying sometimes, which was perceived by them from time to time but that Jenny continued in her life even become a young woman and I got married and became a mother of two children, but they never stop thinking about in that little shack perched in those small Irish town, even giving birth to their children and their sense of motherhood to make those old fantasies more powerful and visible, especially those related to young children who were see them in dreams and that it seemed clear that she was their mother in another life, I felt nostalgia and great concern towards those children to the extent that they decided to Finally in 1988, a visit to the town of Malhd in Ireland, and what that stepped feet of land that town so I took her dreams and old Khialadtha mixed with reality to become a reality visible, it is true that there are some changes occurred in the town, but in general the details were identical to the picture drawn by Jenny in her mind, and was the biggest surprise when Jenny hut small, which has long appeared in her dreams, if any, was deserted and desolate but still managed to identify it easily, then initiated the pictures and memories heaped on them, pictures Thighs in her mind for a family consisting of husband and wife and eight children, but she could not remember the family name and not the name of the woman who was embodied.
    Decided to Jenny to write a letter to the owner of the land on which stands the hut asking for help in identifying the family, which was mainly according to the descriptions of the name of the information that they see in their dreams, and, and it seems that luck has smiled on them as a long time did not go so Jaetha telegram reply, I wrote a land owner to tell her that the descriptions that I mentioned in the letter does not apply only to John's family and Mary Sutton and the eight children who were living in the hut in the thirties, and in the case realized Jenny from the Sutton family is a family as long as she saw in her dreams and the spirit Mary Sutton is replaced in her body, and then decided to start searching for the children of Mary Sutton wrote several letters to orphanages and churches and hospitals in Dublin and its suburbs, where inquiring about their fate, and soon it received a response from a priest who was found in his church records information about baptize a number of children Family: John (1923) Velomana (1925), Christopher (1926), Francis (1928) Brigitte (1929), Elizabeth (1932), Jenny was sure that there are two other children their names are not listed in church records, but nonetheless The information obtained as a thread that delivers it in the end to find out what happened to the children of Mary Sutton.
    Jenny has published a small announcement in one of the newspapers Dublin placed the names of the children for the purpose of obtaining information about them, and how much the surprise was great when contacted by John, the second son of Mary Sutton, were not encouraging call it that John was not convinced allegations Jenny, it was difficult for him to believe , and is an old Nahz five and sixty, that the woman in the fifth and thirty years of age are calling to tell him as the new version of the spirit of Mary and his mother, who died 56 years ago, but John call was not devoid of interest as it gave the digital siblings Sony phone Jenny (the eldest son) and Francis.
    Sony Sutton did not imagine even in dreams, they will be played in the phone one evening in 1990, I've talked to a period of time with an English woman, and when I close the phone appeared momentarily shocked and fascinated until his wife asked him with amazement: "What happened to you? Why look stray mind? " , Sony and is replied staring into the room wall and had appeared on his face startled landmarks: "I think I just talked with a ghost," Abizaid then a trembling voice, "I'm sure I was talking with my mom just !!". It was some of the things and the things I mentioned Jenny during her talk on the phone with Sony on the degree of privacy, so it is impossible for anyone in the world that knows them except for his mother, Mary, but what eluded Sony absorbed is how a woman born after the death of his mother to one and twenty years and in another country to know such things about his childhood.
    Picture of Jenny agent with Sony Sutton and have collected their close relationship continued until the death of Sony
    The impact of Jenny call to Sony was not confined to surprise and shock, but they sent him back to distant memories and lackluster had rolled her and wished forgotten forever: "My father was the cause of all the calamities that befell us," So Tell Sony Sutton, a journalist who was being interview a year after the first contact with Jenny, then silence for a moment and may smile on his face features a sad and is retrieved in his mind the distant past the bar, then Abizaid voice breaking with emotion: "My father was constructive and was earning a good amount of money but it was spent on drinking wine, we remain full for weeks without expense to the house, we did not have nothing to eat, my father was back at night and is drunk and asked that the dinner is placed in front of him, and if you do not find my mother something to put on the table was assails beat her harshly, sometimes I was trying desperately to prevent him the hit was hitting me I, too, "were not the family often have nothing to eat, Sony and the brothers are trying to daytime hunting rabbits, fish or anything that can be eaten and at night they steal some vegetables from the surrounding town fields, were childhood miserable and unfortunate, but on the contrary, the father of John the drunkard and cruel, the mother of Mary very tenderness and compassion in dealing with their children.
    Sony was thirteen when his mother died in 1932, and he blames his father to death as well: "I was sick and exhausted, she gave birth to 10 children over 13 years (two of whom died in childhood), and after the death of the last of her children told her doctor that having another child would mean death is certain, "and already prophecy doctor realized as Mary Sutton died in hospital after he put the last of her children:" It was a painful blow to us, "Sony said wistfully then Abizaid and is choking back tears," I've turned everything in my life upside down. "
    And only a few days did not go to the death of Mary Sutton even attended a nun to the cottage and escorted her sisters Sony to one of the shelters and a few weeks later also took his brothers to one orphanages, and did not remain at home except Sony, which has become the servant of his father and an incubator for his sister infant, who died, and his mother, and she put it, "I liked the girl with all my heart," Sony said, "We have her flock like my mother, I change my clothes and wash and a wedding just as my mother was doing with the rest of my brothers, but in one day one of my uncles attended and took the girl child, has never seen her after that day, "It was a childhood Sony is a tragedy, as scattered his family and did not know anything about his brothers and sisters for many years and became working in the fields from morning till evening in order to support his father, an alcoholic, but after four years on the death of his mother, Sony no longer tolerate his life and fled in one of the nights of the hut and his father joined the army and no longer then to Malhd it did not mean the town has only a set of painful memories that he would like to forget forever.
    "I do not know what to say, I am a Catholic (doctrine) and we do not believe in Reincarnation, but when Jenny came here and I saw Taatrgel of the car I saw a picture of my mother, there has been the Association of what draws us to some since the beginning," So Tell Sony journalists after meeting Bjeena, I've sat together for a long time and talked about things no one to know about the life of Sony Sutton, from old memories more old than sixty years, "Jenny remembers that she was standing near the sea quay of the town as if waiting for someone, but they were not learn from this person and why waiting for him, I told her that I am the person as you like with the boat to the Gulf to fishing on Saturdays and had always stood waiting for my return, "Sony laughingly said, and the other hand, there were several things forgotten Sony and reported by Jenny.
    Able Jenny know the fate of the children of Mary Sutton but could not find any trace of the girls, so it published an advertisement in the newspapers requesting information about them, and it was soon long until contacted by Betty (Elizabeth), the last girl who died Mary after her birth, now grandmother in the second and sixty years of age have six children and 21 grandchildren, were not known never that her brothers and sisters, I have reared her uncle as the only daughter and she thought always that the real father and that his wife is the mother, and in spite of the strong relationship with her uncle, who first is compassionate and great attention to the real father was not provided to her, but she always felt deep down the same passion missing with her mother, a wife of her uncle, and were not know the real reason for it.
    Sony Sutton had sought for many years for his little sister Betty and managed several years before getting his uncle's wife, who told him then that my house has been married and moved to live with her husband and she did not know entitled phone, I lied to him, as they seem to have agreed with her husband a long time ago far that Betty never really know her family of origin.
    The meeting between Sony and Betty very influential, have customarily each other at first sight, despite the large crowd of people and journalists who were present at the meeting place, and despite the fact that one of them did not see the other 62 years ago when my house was just an infant, for Jenny has said Betty by reporters: "I can not feel it my mom because I do not recall originally mom since I was a baby when she died, but I think the spirit of my mother inspired those dreams to be the cause of reunion, there are those who believe that they are lying, but I think they are honest, we have Sony told me that she told him about things that can not be to someone other than our mother that knows it. "
    In subsequent weeks, there have been more news joyful, Jenny has received a call from Frank, the youngest children of Mary and is now the father of three children, and then contacted Velomana big girl Mary that she had watched the press coverage to meet Sony Sutton his sister Minor Betty, was Velomana is the key to know the fate of Mary Sutton Girls, I've told them that they spent their childhoods in the shelter and the big sister Mary died in 1946, while the other sister Brigitte was married and traveled to Australia in 1953 and never seen since then (her husband sent a message later told them she died twenty years ago, and it has four children), and the Velomana kept in touch with her father, who was eager to visit with her sisters at the orphanage until 1950, where no news and did not hear from him after that never.
    During the following months, she met Jenny Frank and Betty and Christie, for Frank and Christie they they believe that the spirit of their mother are guided Jenny them to be the cause of reuniting, but Velomana was believed that the spirit of their mother Mary has really moved into the body of Jenny and was feel reassured and comfort when Jenny close to it, either Sony Sutton has been a firm believer that Jenny is the living embodiment of the spirit of his mother, Mary, has been the biggest children Mary and the only one who has the real memories of his mother, so he is the greatest evidence of the truth of the story of Jenny.
    During the subsequent years was filmed Jenny with the sons and daughters of Mary Sewton in numerous television programs, many of those who saw Jenny with the family and talk about memories of the past believed in that Jenny is the incarnation of the neighborhood to the spirit of Mary Sutton, but this does not mean, of course, the lack of skeptics in her story, But whatever the truth, the Jenny and her story was the reason for the reunion of families separated by the past tragic, and may be the only anguish in their hearts, the children of Mary Sutton is the story of Jenny did not fall by twenty or thirty years from the time they occur, when they were younger, but s fate, as they say. Despite the death of Sony Sutton at the end of the nineties of the last century, however, the story of Jenny agent still has its charm and its impact on all of seen it not only for the strangeness, but because of the size of human emotions that accompanied.

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