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Puzzle girl smashed the head of her father's ax

Puzzle girl smashed the head of her father's ax
     Puzzle girl smashed the head of her father's ax

    Our story today, for a heinous crime occurred before more than a hundred years and has turned into a puzzle and puzzle like gas novels Agatha Christie detective, suspects are the people closest to the victim, and all of them have defended the killing, but the crime remained unsolved for decades until it became part of American folklore, Come with us, dear reader to be familiar with the story of Borden family and leave you the last judgment about personal killer.

    Heinous crime turned into a puzzle investigators inability dissolved
    To the right, a true picture of Lizzie Borden girl accused of killing her father and his wife and to the left a picture of the house where the crime took place, which turned into a hotel and museum
    Greed is a lock planted in the hearts of the majority of people, we all love money, but what could we do to get it differs from one person to another, and, unfortunately, there are some human beings are willing to descend to the lowest depths of moral degradation in To this end, Murder for money is one of the oldest manifestations of this decadence, and women are not an exception to this, although Benithen physical weakness compared to men, is that many Przn through history and Khalden their names in the world of crime, and common feature in most assassins celebrities are soft and comfortable in style loss of human souls, Valsm for example, is more means death preference when offenders of the daughters of Eve, he does not need muscular effort and does not cause use scary scenes and revolting of tearing flesh and blood flow, as well as the victim does not feel including plotting to him, it could poison the person During an interview full of exchange of love and passion with him at the dinner table, but there are killers Anders, despite Ndrthen, prefer to use traditional methods of murder, and our story for today is about one of those women who have left an impact and a male does not wear in the world of crime, it's Lizzie Borden (Lizzie Borden), an educated girl and polite and rich, which was accused of murdering her father and his wife in 1892, and although she was acquitted of Thmtha and filaments that crime is not solved completely, but the prevailing belief among investigators previously and currently, she is guilty Home in those horrible murder, and which has become a decades-long part of American folklore and became the subject of many stories and inspiration to many of the famous horror movies.
    Yarns Crime
    Lizzie Borden was born in 1860 in Vail River city of the state of Massachusetts, United States, died and her mother when she was three years old and left her an orphan she and her older sister Emma custody of their father Andrew Borden, which he soon married another woman in 1865 and is Ms. Abby Borden, and despite the fact that the family is one of the Lord of the rich city, but said the family had been living in the farmhouse and an old-fashioned two-storey and a half, and has been in the eyes of many is not commensurate with the richness of family and social level, Mr Borden was a wealthy businessman and a successful and But he was tight and careful money and harsh in the world of trade and money, creating a lot of enemies, but he was never short on spending two daughters, has Tlgueta better breeding and education, and they were not unhappy about the way family life and were Always Tlhan the fat in order to buy a bigger house and in the most prestigious area of ​​the city, and that their relationship with the wife of their father, Ms. Borden, were not so good, where she was tense and fraught, especially with Lizzie, and making matters worse and worse the relationship, is that Mr. Borden log house in the name of his wife, even though he bought at the same time a house is not as vast and Qamta each of his two daughters on the unit, but that did not diminish the anger, it may have heard Samahen that the fat in the process of changing his will by which wealth are all leaving them and that he intends to involve them in his wife's inheritance.
    Two days from the occurrence of the crime before, Mr. injured and Mrs. Borden unwell, were the symptoms like those associated with bad intestinal and poisoning, and the family doctor may person condition on it because eating lousy food, and in the evening of that day came to the house of Mr. John Morse, and is the uncle of Emma and Lizzie, but his relationship with them was bad because of his support for the wife of their father in trying to persuade Mr. Borden to register the name of the farm, where they had promised him by appointing him as an agent.
    And on 4 August / August morning in 1892, Mr. Borden woke up and Mr. Morris early and addressed the breakfast prepared by the two Miss Bardekit Ciolvan, and is an immigrant Irish young woman she worked as a maid at the family three years ago and lives in a small room in the attic home, and in about eight and a half in the morning, Mr. Borden and Mr. Morris left home to do some work in the city, and was greatly spend vacation outside the city, and was not at home but Ms. Borden, which stepped up to the top floor to arrange the linen, and Lizzie which had returned to the house the night before, where suddenly cut her holiday short that was you spend with some girlfriends, and the maid Bardekit were you clean glass windows, the house where ordered Ms. Borden this, and have begun the process of cleaning from abroad and returned to complete its work from the inside nearly At ten and a half in the morning and it is time that returned by Mr. Borden to the house, and came down Lizzie from upstairs and told her father that Ms. Borden left the house in a hurry after he received a clip from one of Calgary seeks help, and shortly thereafter extended Mr. Borden on one of the couches in the reception room to seek comfort and exchanged Lizzie newly shorts with Bardekit maid that quickly completed its work and went to her room in the attic to rest a little bit, but it was not long, ie, shortly after eleven o'clock in the morning, until I heard the maid Berdkat screams Miss Lizzie that someone had killed her father, and when I got the maid to the floor below and found Mr. Borden and is lying on the couch and bleeding profusely from his head, where it seems that he was a strong blow from a sharp object tore his face and drove his left eye from Mahgrha and destroyed part of his nose and cheek, and in the meantime, start neighbors rushing to the house to help, and when some of them searched the house in search of the killer, they discovered the body of Mrs. Borden in the guest room on the second floor and has been exposed to successive strikes smashed her head completely.
    The check
    Soon, police arrived at the scene, and initiated examined the bodies and collect evidence, it was found that the killer used an ax short (ax) as a weapon of offense, and he used the element of surprise in doing his crime, it appears that Ms. Borden stealthily from behind attacked while she was bent to arrange Family and addressed about nineteen caps strong blow smashed her skull and scattered her blood on the wall and around the room, Mr. Borden Exposure to strong blow in the face while he was absorbed to sleep on the couch, as they discovered that Ms. Borden first killed in about the ninth hour and a half AM and that Mr. Borden was killed after about any time shortly after ten o'clock in the morning and half.
    And when the police asked for Lizzie about where their presence when her father was killed, told them that she went out to the barn to fetch some purposes while the maid Bardekit resting in her room in the attic.
    During the investigation, police found the ax carefully hidden in the basement fireplace ashes and has been missing its handle, and although it was clean traces of blood, but that investigators believed that it was the murder weapon and that its handle was broken and hide, but police did not benefit from this guide because of the lack of fingerprints lifted on Albulth and which was considered at that time, a new and sophisticated technology in the world of criminal investigations.
    Police did not find any clothes covered in blood, but after several days of Crime been watching Lizzie and are cut off one pajamas and you burn in the kitchen stove, claiming that dress Old contaminated bleached.
    During the investigation, investigators discovered that Lizzie Borden tried to buy the type of toxins from a pharmacy and is making them complain that Mr. and Mrs. Borden had been subjected to attempted murder by poison private, and they complained of symptoms similar to those associated with poisoning two days of their deaths before, but the anatomy the bodies did not find any trace of poison in them.
    A week after the occurrence of the crime, police arrested the Lizzie Borden for the murder of her father and stepmother, but after a short trial was acquitted by a jury and was released and due to the absence of irrefutable evidence that condemns, add to that the shock Social caused by her arrest, where society that did not accept the province and educated girl and killing her family is rich.
    Theories about crime
    During the hundred years of a crime, many investigators and researchers trying to develop a logical and reasonable theory of what happened at the home of Borden family in that fateful day, and you, dear reader, these theories months, leaving the judgment to you about the closest to the truth and ratification: some think that the killer entered the house stealthily and he killed Ms. Borden and then wait for an hour of time until Mr. Borden returned to the house, killing him and a fugitive fled, and this theory be true, one hand how this person went into private and that the house of Mr. Borden was known severe his keenness and all the doors in the house where the strong locks, then how did you see the maid or Lizzie Borden and how he hid a full hour inside the house for the second his crime and what daleel date of the return of Mr. Borden? What if Mr. Borden did not return to the house until the evening? The Lizzie the first to kill her stepmother in the upstairs then has changed her clothes covered in blood and I waited for an hour of time until the return of her father out of the house where she told him that Mrs. Borden had received a clip from neighbors left on the track home, despite the fact that investigators found no trace of this clip and alleged that Mrs. Borden had not left the house that morning, but in the meantime, was swimming in blood on the upper floor. Then Lizzie has conducted an interview with the maid and after that confirmed her rise to her room had killed her father in his sleep and then changed her clothes for the second time and called the maid, claiming that someone her father attacked and killed him. However, the weaknesses of this theory, is that the blows were the victim of severity and cruelty so that blood sprayed on the walls and around the room and it does not need to be covered by the killer clothes, too, but the police never find any clothes covered in blood, and is which led some to believe that Lizzie has its crimes and are completely naked and then had to wash her body in the barn, but the short time that separates the death of her father and the descent of the maid from her room make it hard to believe this theory. Another theory, appeared in the forties of the last century, says that he was Mr. Borden illegitimate son named William, and that this son was insisting on his father in order to be recognized and enter it in his will, but Mr. Borden refused to do so for fear of scandal arose, and William kill him and his wife in retaliation. Another theory believes that the real killer is Emma Borden, big sister Lizzie, and that was the day of the incident spend a holiday with a group of friends in the area about fifteen kilometers from the family home, only this theory, Emma returned to the house stealthily on crime and the the murder of her father and his wife and then turned back rushing to spend the rest of the day with her friends outside the city, and that Lizzie was complicit with it, where, despite the emergence of Emma during trials as a sisterly support and support for her sister, but one Alsjanat claimed they heard two sisters arguing sharply in one of the interviews between them during the period in which Lizzie spent in prison. One of the theories that are popular, believes that the maid Bardekit was complicit with Lizzie in the killing of Mr. and Mrs. Borden for money or because of venom on Ms. Borden, which was treated harshly, and that the two have carried out the crime and have carried out scans raised quietly and deliberately, and have carried out screaming and News neighbors after he prepared the crime scene carefully, and it explains how the killer of Mrs. Borden was able to wait quietly inside the house for an hour of time without being detected by one and then do the second crime, and also explain to hide the murder weapon and clothes covered in blood, and that Lizzie and The maid Berdkat never come together, a day after the incident. And there are many other theories and accused others, some of whom thought that John Morris hand in what happened and others accuse the family doctor and there are those who believe that the killer is one of the enemies of Mr. Borden in the business and another team thinks that Emma and Lizzie and Berdkat Be all of whom Mtoatiat in preparation and execution of the crime, but the mystery remains unsolved, and I think also will remain forever, especially after he is gone, and for a long time, all the defendants and witnesses to the Hereafter
    After the Crime
    To the right, the real pictures taken of the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Borden, where Mrs. Borden looks are intent on her face, which indicates that the killer attacked her from behind, while sprawled body of Mr. Borden on the sofa where he was to blow on his face during his death, and to the left image the room where Mrs. Borden's body found
    After the acquittal of Lizzie, devolved wealth Mr. Borden to daughters equally and did not go only five weeks to have carried out the purchase of a huge mansion in one of the finest parts of the city, Fetroh Mr. Borden was estimated at half a million dollars, and do not forget, dear reader, that we are talking about 1892, which is the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars in the present era,
    And despite the fact that Emma Borden supported her sister Lizzie during her arrest and trial, but the relationship between the sisters gradually deteriorated after that, and in 1905 the sisters fought for what was rumored about Lizzie relationship with actress Nancy O'Neill (Nance O'Neil) and is one of the most artists of that time, where it is believed that the sexual relationship was an anomaly between the two women and that Lizzie was spending money lavishly on O'Neal, so whatever I left the house angry and moved to another city and severed the relationship between the sisters fully remained until

    their deaths.
    For Lizzie rest of her life alone has lived and never married, and although it has changed its name to Izabut Andrew Borden, but it has been an unwelcome at social events and under a lot of people believe strongly that it fatally her father and his wife, and in her last years hit by disease pneumonia kept her bed so lonely she died in 1927, and despite the fact that her sister Emma taught her death, but she did not attend the burial ceremony, and you want coincidences or divine wisdom, that caused her sister after less than two weeks, where he signed the peace in her home and a single dead also where did not give birth to any children, and both are buried in the tombs of the family as well as the graves of their father and his wife.
    And in Sathma, Lizzie and Emma left the bulk of Theruten to charities and spotted Lizzie amount of money to care for the grave of her parents, and so the money that was the reason for the strained relationship among them and between fat and Al in the end to charities !! , Either Berdkat maid has left work at Al Borden in the day following the occurrence of the crime and did not meet with Belize and Emma again and had died in 1940 at the unit and extreme poverty.
    Ghost House of Borden
    After years of a crime turning Al Borden house into a hotel and museum, and has been visited by many people from across the United States to spend the night in the room where Mrs. Borden was killed, but those nights not all is quiet, as it seems that some of the tormented spirits still roam the house A hundred years after the occurrence of the crime.
    And visitors may sharing and working at home a strange experiences, some of them had heard the crying woman on the upper floor, but they did not find anything in the room when Avchuha, and others swore they saw a woman wearing clothes dating back to the Victorian era (the time of the crime) and is moving into the house to wipe the dust from furniture and family, and sometimes this happens while hotel guests were still in their beds, which was causing a wave of screams and hysteria horrible throughout the house, others heard the voices of the feet of climb and landing peace without that there is no one at home and sometimes doors open and close by themselves and let go to the ears voices of people talking to each other somewhere in the house, and perhaps most of those experiences terrifying is seeing the ghost of someone puzzling signs and turmoil on the movements appear as if he does not believe what he was subjected , going on in the house, as if looking for something and lost his left eye has turned into a dark cavity large.

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