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Sisters killers

Sisters killers

    Sisters killers

    Not surprisingly similar morals and behavior of members of some families, and not surprisingly, that of heredity big role in it, and for this we find some families famous Paljod and generosity and other inclination to violence and irritability, and there are also families that combines its members tuft poor ethics and petulance you see people avoid mixing them and avoid its neighborhood. In our article we will discuss the three different stories of women belonging to Tina and this sample, they are sisters Jmahen blood link and were similar Okhalagahn bad they just killers professionals have found to Zthen in bloodshed and extraction of human lives for Gayaten sick and despicable.
    Real pictures of Rhea and knife

    May be the story of Rhea and tranquility is the most famous killers stories serial (Serial killers) in Egypt and the Arab world, has been a big part of this fame dates back to the Egyptian media, which dealt with the story since the middle of last century in several films and plays gained widespread success, may be the most notorious and closest to our memory is play (RIA and knife), in which two big Alphenantan Shadia and continuously monitoring the Babylonian personal sisters embodied the killers in a fun show which was mixed with laughter and singing with fear and melancholy associated with the real facts of the crime. Perhaps part of the famous story is also due to the charm of the past, Vmtalaa twentieth century was good while it private, not only in Egypt but in all corners of the globe flavor, it was a big turning point of the Covenant in the history of humanity as a whole, where initiated inventions and discoveries made rapidly in all fields showed the aircraft and automobiles, electricity networks and film .. etc, so it became that era represents a combination magic strange overlap when the ancient with the modern was the horse-drawn carriage in the street going along with the car and the train and were costumes and colors are mixed in the markets and cafes between the old goal of Jellalab and sarongs simple people and the modern incarnation suits and dresses flashy and elegant layer Mandarins and Hawanem, and despite the fact that most of the people were poor, but life in general was easy and simple so consistently elderly and seniors Remember those days, saying with a sigh: "God have mercy on time and the old days."
    Did Batjk Slavisa

    From the play (RIA and tranquility)
    We should mention before going into the details of the story, the Secretariat and history, that the two sisters were not strange crimes and not new to the Arab world, it is to unearth the heritage books will find similar crimes, but perhaps the worst and ugliest, mentioned by ancient historians in their books. Crimes took place events and facts during the past centuries in Baghdad and Cairo and other Arab urban and Islamic but erased from memory and forgotten for the aging time, and to the satisfaction of some naive in that the ancients were Menzhen for crimes and lesions of modern society, and perhaps Alkhnaqan gangs (1 ) are the months in this area and are told the example of the killers of ancient times crimes, these thugs invented in luring their victims and their rhythm, and as it was Rhea and Sakina Tkhaddaan victim and Tjeranha to die by deception and sweet talk, the women Alkhnaqan was their job confined mostly in rhythm and provoke the victim agreed to the ambush where he is the gang members of the men to kill her and bury it

    Alexandria in the early twentieth century were not as people know today, was a big part of it chokes the old neighborhoods and dilapidated houses that had shared their rooms several tenants at once, Construction was vertical and apartments system at the time was not widespread as it is now, and was the sister Rhea Sakina and living in one of those old neighborhoods and poor, who was named district frankincense. In 1920 initiated received by the police department frankincense complaints from some parents about the wives of their relatives disappeared mysteriously, funny thing is that some people with missing women said Sakina's name in their statements that it was someone else has seen before with some missing disappearances, and of the Parties it is that some of the murders occurred in places not far from the police station only a few meters. But of course we must not forget that we are talking about events that took place before nearly a century ago, when the means and techniques of investigation by the police characterized rudimentary, and in time the police are working hard to extend its influence on the biology and lanes which was ruled by bullies and thugs, so The neglect is plenty of evidence that could have been to condemn Ambassahtin who Amadan to kill more victims without fear or shame, and with the increasing number of Dhaaahn, also increased and spread terror and panic in the city spread like wildfire and women became avoid leaving their homes only when having and because of the fear of kidnap gangs.
    Did Batjk Slavisa
    Raya and Sakina and their husbands by Allah and Mohammed Abdel Aal
    In the end it was pure chance that caused the two sisters in the hands of justice, Vskana was renting a room from subcontractors, which it was rented with one of the persons who was also turn a tenant of the original owner of the property, and it seems that the relationship between the tenant and the landlord were not on what well, reaching their differences to police stations and courts, and when the court ordered the evacuation of the house in favor of the original property owner Sakina also forced to vacate her room, and have tried in every way and trick to convince the owner of the house that rents her room again but he refused categorically because of her outrageous and actions that have long bothered neighbors, Vskana was a prostitute in her youth and became pimp hire a number of houses and rooms for the establishment of sugar parties and orgies with the assistance of a number of prostitutes and women disadvantages of renown, was mentioned in the ruling issued against the two sisters from Alexandria criminal court confirms the nature of their work where it was stated that: (all prepared for prostitution secretly these stores were female prostitutes Taatrddn it sometimes on their own and sometimes at the request of Raya of the abuse of alcohol and fornication where the shops were mentioned management shared between Raya and profits are divided between them).
    And you want coincidences decide landlord who evicted him a knife to make some repairs around the home, including the room, which was chartered by the knife, which proceeded to dig the floor for the purpose of switching some corroded water pipes, but the man is soon to find some bones Human buried under the tiles, follows in the pits until it finds a complete decomposed body of a woman who was left indicating the identity of only a few tufts of long hair hanging barely into her skull. Rush the man to the police station with the required them to his home to inspect the body decides they continue to dig floor of the room hoping to find more bodies, and has already found another body in the same room, and the third body in a nearby room was also chartered by Sakina , then the police begin to look at homes and places that were frequented by Sakina Vtosr a fourth body in another house was rented one of the rooms knife also. And the discovery of the bodies leads to the police also suspect in sister Rhea knife and start to monitor.
    And accident of fate that watching a detective RIA in a house located just behind the frankincense police department building, suspected informant in the actions of RIA because it was the scent one of the rooms of the house a large amount of incense does not fit with the small size of the room, police Vtdahm home and begin to inspect that room, which was emit a foul smell fills noses have not been able fumes lute and dense incense and escalating throughout the house to hide, in that room, police found twelve body underfloor and hidden among timber attic attached to the room, police found more bodies in adjacent to the room The first to become the total number of bodies discovered seventeen bodies.
    The police arrested the RIA and Sakina who pruning initially deny any connection to them with corpses, but when Thazarethma police evidence and witnesses finally recognize their crimes, which is to lure women into a group of houses and rented rooms for the purpose of killing them and grab Musogathen and gold bangles, Most of the victims were the daughters of prostitutes or Almtdat of women in a nearby neighborhood of chewing gum commercial markets. The method of murder has told the sisters that they were initially Ngrian and Tkhaddaan victim happy talk until cool down their confidence, then Tsagaanha drink the wine a strong lead them to the sugar and Lees losing the ability to focus and strength to resist, then was one of the members of the gang of men sneaking quietly behind the victim and then a quick movement and surprise wrap handkerchief of cloth on her neck provisions then begins strangled her with all his strength, and in the meantime also conquer the rest of the gang members on the victim as Thrown wolves to prey frightened, who shall each stifling Vimha to prevent her from screaming while holding others with her hands and legs and Athbtonha even uttered the last breath, and what the victim's life, even dissociation Egerduha of jewels and gold Musogatha and then they buried her in the same place, which killed it, and two sisters were Tbien stolen gold to a jeweler in the market price then Tqtzmann with the rest of the gang members.
    Did Batjk Slavisa
    Ambassahtin bodies after their hanging
    The main criminals in the murders were all from: Rhea and her husband as God, and Sakina and her husband, Mohammed Abdel-Aal, and two people in the name of another two godfathers and Abdul Razzaq, and Alexandria Criminal Court has sentenced to death, and all of them were executed on 21-22 December I / December 1921, also included prison jeweler who was buying the stolen gold from the sisters to a five-year sentence, while the court acquitted three two other people who were linked to criminals and has been released.
    With the execution of sisters thugs were foldable page Geraúmhen ugly forever, but the horror and excitement caused by such crimes continued until today, and still people in frankincense neighborhood in Alexandria remember the story of Rhea and knife and making a lot of visitors reported as occurred yesterday, and frankincense police department itself Today has turned into something like a museum where the walls featuring some belongings chips investigating the case and the court ruling and old photographs of the two sisters with pictures of some Dhaaahn. For the home where police found the bodies of the victims, there is a difference between the population about the whereabouts of the original building, but most likely he demolished in the fifties of the last century and built a small building to place some of its residents still remember the funny stories about their fear and Halam of housing at the beginning of construction.
    1 - They are "Alkhnaqon" who reminded them bigeye in the "animal" and they were deployed in Basra and Baghdad on his reign, said of them: "They do not live in the country, but together and traveling but together, perhaps captured the entire path does not go down, but in the way of force and be behind their role The deserts or orchards and semiconductor convenience to escape if caught. And they had coached in Baghdad called "trail Alkhnaqan" where to take the victim to the trained and they have made on their doorstep milestone them with boys teach spelling, reading and math. In every house them dogs tied to participate as well in the process. Upon wives Tabors and drums and gongs. If he wanted the people of Dar them choke a man hit women drums and tambourines and cymbals and are doing a joy and shouted teacher boys to lift up your voices reading and stirred up the dogs. Had the smothered voice donkey what hair whereabouts one also that if people heard those scabs did not complain that the wedding is being in their role or joy. (Animal / 2/264).
    According to Ibn al in regular and details of the most comprehensive of this, he said: ((On Thursday thirteen night remained of May took diphtheria down the trail cages of Bab al-Sham choke group and buried in several role inhabited was wiling to women writing their book kindness and called overnight with astrology and wills Fiksant If a woman got him robbed and put a chord him in the neck and kicked her back and help him with his wife and son, then he drilled her and buried knew so Vkbst house get out of them a few dozen dead woman and then back it several role was home filled with the dead, especially the women asked fled to Anbar Implemented it of his request seized him and found him and carried to Baghdad struck thousand whip and a solid District and died)) .... noted here the participation of women and son in this crime indicates that this family has taken the craft Alkhnaqh to rob people of their money!
    In Cairo, Badr al-Din kind mentioned in his book Juman contract in the history of the people of the time in accidents year 662 AH woman quarrel her name gaseous Alkhnaqh where he says: ((, including: he found the apparent meaning of Cairo, outside the door of poetry, a woman Tthil on people, and their interference beta her there, has been prepared by the men then compare them tot the poor do, Vijnicon to come by, killing created a lot of men and women, and ordered them Vsamart.
    The name of this poor woman gaseous Alkhnaqh, and was of good and beauty, and she was walking in the city and with it the old covet people in itself, and it was greed where the request says his old: they can not go to one, but Come you to her house, comes and, Fatalaa his men , Fiktlana and take it with him, and they were moving from place to place, was agreed that the old man came to some

    Almwact, and ordered her to take what is estimated from the jewelry and the Blazers, going with them to the bride then, I did Almactp, and Astsahpt with going to her, and when she entered the Almactp their house, returned going to the place, killing Almactp, and they took what was it, Fastbtotha Jarretha, came to them and students, Vankrōha and claimed that they came out of her day, she went and finding the owner of the police, Vaanat them and tortured, Vokaroa what they were doing, and were briefed in their home on the hole where the creation of a great dead, and it was Some Twaben have agreed with them, and made him attend hiding the dead, Faihrgahm in Oqmna brick, then keep quiet and all fastened, and they were five souls, and the women they launched after tanning, It maintained two days, and then died, what it deserves. )).
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