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Werewolves .. documents and confessions (2)

Werewolves .. documents and confessions (2)
    Werewolves .. documents and confessions (2)

    Ancient legend associated with the werewolf, so long as the strange animal that enter the night Awaeh fear into the hearts of human beings Frbtth legends and myths the world of ghosts and spirits and was probably the lightness of movement and the sudden appearance and disappearance of a major role in these traits confer it.
    In these articles, we will deal with the subject of Werewolf in detail and we will mention some of the most famous incidents that appeared in books by historians always dependent on the facts and the documents and scientific analysis and logical away from the list of cheap thrills on the legends and myths.
    Realistic stories about people accused of being Mstziben

    Werewolf turns into a wild animal delights devour human flesh and meat, especially young children
    There are many historical documents about the werewolf, some of the issues of individual and others in a wide variety of confessions of people who were accused of practicing black magic, and are often describe confessions taken under severe torture, and here we are talking about prisons and detention camps of the Middle Ages where it was not for humans any significant value, so the researchers looked today to most of these issues as malicious and unrealistic, or perhaps for the killers and criminals real forced to admit that they Mstziben because of the backwardness and ignorance that communities were straining beneath which governments deliberately contribute to the continuation and spread.
    Karner Devoured kids
    Cleese Karner (Gilles Garnier) is one of the months and older people who are accused of being Mstziben and has tried in the Middle Ages, and despite the different stories about his story but they all agree that he was living in an isolated cabin in the woods near the international village in France, and because of This isolation and lack of mixing with people has been launched by the parents name hermit and was described as a person dreary landscape and suspicious looks and acts and lives on the hunting of the woods, and Karner has trouble apparently began after his marriage where he was accustomed to a life of asceticism and conviction food Simple available, which prepares and prepared for himself only and therefore faced great difficulty in providing adequate food and good to his wife, causing the occurrence problems between them and that little young children disappeared in the village incidents vaguely, Karner himself began later after he was arrested confessed under torture as was wandering around in the woods to hunt when he met people Hlakea knowing how to switch to a wolf to be able to catch easily, but he was found after a period as a start attracted irresistibly to human prey and thus the killing and devouring its first victims, and that was a little girl at the age of ten Karner saw her wandering on her face in a field so he killed her and then attacking and disarming about her clothes and start eagerly devoured parts of her body lean meat until satiation and has also cut the amount of meat and carry them with him to his wife.
    After several weeks Karner attacked the victim and the second was a little girl too, and even though he wound in several parts of her body soft, but he could not finish it and diners because of the passage of a group of farmers Fterkha and fled into the dark woods and farmers recover a little girl, but she died After several days because of wounds eloquent, and everyone has told farmers what they saw on the wolf and the girl and the news spread like wildfire in the province, causing a wave of hysteria and fear among the population, and the provincial governor ordered a search for the werewolf and kill him in return for a cash prize began to campaign wide inspection, but that no one had doubted the hermit Karner and small isolated hut in the woods.
    And after he passed several weeks and calmed down a little things the Karner attacked following his victim and this time chose a young boy was playing near the woods, was kidnapped by Karner and the eating parts of his hands and his stomach and cut his thighs and Okhvihama in the woods for Ilthmanma later, and with this Crime has become Karner find it very difficult to restrain the unbridled lust toward human flesh and is leading in the end to the rhythm, the following Vdhath was a young boy was playing near the village and did not Karner patient this time to complete its transformation into a wolf attacked the boy and is in shape human and this time also marked the passage of a group of farmers, forcing him to leave his victim and flee to the depth of the dark woods, but one of the farmers were able to identify him and he was arrested and his wife quickly and have been judged on Karner burning alive and was executed the year 1573.
    Despite the confessions Karner explicit and documented, but the researchers and historians believe that the Karner was a real killer sadist serial and that charge Werewolf added to his confessions taken under torture because of people's faith in these things in that period and to bestow on his crimes more brutality and cruelty, and others Karner believe that an innocent man and that he was handed over to the court for the award, but in all cases, and his case remains of the oldest documented writings that went into the hands of researchers from the werewolf.
    Werewolf Hans (Hans the Werewolf)
    Another document from the werewolf arrived at the hands of researchers sourced from Estonia, and is in fact represent the way in which they are in the hunt witches and witches in the Middle Ages and describe what was going on in the Inquisition notorious, Between 1610 - 1650 was the burning of dozens of Estonia charges witchcraft and sorcery, and because the Baltic peoples faith in magic and magicians was weak so it has accused these people that they Mstziben and because the charge Werewolves were scattered and very popular in those flung.
    Defendant Hans admitted according to court documents that werewolf and he baited Authority wolf for two years, and claimed that someone wearing a black taught him how to turn into a wolf and is what the court considered a description of the devil, and when questions judge whether his spirit or his body is transformed into a wolf Hans replied that he discovered on one occasion traces of teeth dog in his place as a result of a fight while he was in the form of animal and is what shows that the body is transformed, and in another question asked a judge him as if he was a human being or like an animal when it turns into a wolf? Hans replied that he feels and behaves like an animal.
    Peter stamping months .. Werewolves
    May be prosecuted Peter stamping papers (Peter Stumpp) is one of the most famous trials of Mstziben, and that researchers were skeptical integrity but it remains nonetheless a document depicting the extent of belief and faith Palmstziben in the Middle Ages.
    Peter this was a widower and the parents of the girl in the fifteenth and boy document did not mention his age, and was a farmer rich and has a good standing in the community, but in 1589 he was arrested and confessed under torture that he practiced black magic since the age of eighteen and werewolf he has many years of killing and devouring many animals and humans, too, where confessed to killing and devouring fourteen children among them, as well as his son in two separate incidents of killing two women and Hamlten Althamanma with Jniniama, also admitted that in March of incest with his daughter.
    In his confession describe how Peter turns them into a wolf, where he said he had a belt made of wolf skin gave him the devil to him and he turns into a wolf when he puts the belt on his body and goes back to his human nature when dispelled it.
    Peter was sentenced to death by stamping the ugliest picture of where it was tied to a wooden wheel and was tortured very harshly and then they removed the skin and flesh from his body and had to cut off his legs and hands and broke his bones ax so as not to turn into a vampire after killing him, and finally they killed his daughter and one of his relatives and Hrgahma fire him after he cut off his head and hung him aside.
    Prevailing belief among researchers today that Peter may have been stamping serial killer Sadia and may also be an innocent man was forced to confess under torture to be confiscated all his money, especially as it was the execution of his only daughter, too.
    Women Mstzibat
    There were also women Mstzibat and has been documenting the trials of some of them, for example, (Guyetta Bugnon) has her trial in 1580 and admitted that it had Mstzibh and kidnapping two children and Althamanma, and there is also a woman named Ann (Ann) was arrested with a group of men and women on charges of black magic and admitted that she became Mstzibh for four years during which the killing of a horse and many small animals and she hid the wolf, which were worn under a rock in the woods skin.
    Mysterious Animal in Hevldan (Beast puzzle of Gévaudan)
    Hevldan are agricultural province wide is situated in the south of France where accidents strange and mysterious occurred in the eighteenth century still to this day over the research and debate among researchers and wrote around several books and research, and from which the film a number of horror films famous and because it is the most famous incidents which revolved around the werewolf so we decided to single out her own part we will publish in the coming days, God willing.

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