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Where did you go Arisei

Where did you go Arisei
    Where did you go Arisei
    From my childhood and I love tales of horror films and sleep near my father at night because I do not like to get me such things that I hear and I see in those stories and movies ..
    But unfortunately I got.
    I had a lot of brides, I play them on my own, I'm Little Sister and no one plays with me, all of them in school.
    I kept my mother and I just, my mom telling me my palm playing bride and come help me, I say I Otavv: No .. no ..
    Continued to play, I was playing on my bed, and I went to bring hats brides, not be late, but I promised to find them all of them have disappeared, I went to my mother and told her where Araúsa .. What have you done with them? ..
    Mom said any brides?! .. Not show me a kitchen cleaner.
    Satisfied with her words, but where Araúsa? .. So far I do not know where, I asked and did not see them all.

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