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Who is the real Dracula

Who is the real Dracula
    Who is the real Dracula

    Some believe that the Dracula vampire who appears in the thriller film is just a fictional character does not correspond to reality. But the truth is something else, a real Vdrakula hundred percent, has this terrible killer lived in Romania fifteenth century. The funny thing is that despite all Mopqath and his crimes, despite the blood that falls Eragaha .. Despite all .. Darcola is a national hero in the eyes of most of the Romans today, in their opinion, it is the man who defended the independence of the province of Wallachia and Romanian and Bulgarian against the Ottoman ambitions.
    Dracula as imagined in today's stories and horror movies ..

    Named Prince Vlad III, the rule of Romania intermittently supplied in total to seven years between 1455-1476, and his fame stiffness, ie the Impaler, because he was famous Bkhozqh people wholesale. The title of Dracula it means son of the dragon, has inherited from his father, Prince Vlad II, who has gained this title joining the (League of the Dragon), a secret clique and the Union included a total of princes and nobles of Central and Eastern Europe to stand against the Turkish Ottoman tide. Prince Vlad lived during the critical period of the history of Eastern Europe, after the fall of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed the entire Balkans became an open courtyard in front of the Ottoman armies, and became a province of Romania and Wallachia stuck between the hammer of the Ottomans and the anvil of the Hungarians, both greedy threat to the entity and the existence of this tiny emirate, has further insult to injury, the constant feuding warlords and Wallachia to the throne, and plots nobles boyars who took advantage of this rivalry to enhance their influence and interests.
    Historical picture of Prince Vlad III Dracula .. real ..
    Dracula spent a long period of his youth, accompanied by his younger brother Radu in the city of Edirne Turkey, where the survival there for four years as hostages to ensure the loyalty of their father to the Ottomans, there learning the Turkish language and got to know the Ottoman tradition, and it is said that Vlad was often beaten and taunting by the Turks because of his bold and defiant, On the contrary, his brother Radu which merged completely with the Ottoman culture of the corresponding top woman and became close to the Sultan. It seems that this difficult period in the life of Dracula may have affected the same lot and played a major role in rooting deep hatred of the Turks, he hated no patch on smth ranked only hatred Layer boyars in Wallachia, those who had conspired against his father and killed him, and buried his older brother alive after being uprooted his eyes.
    The reign of Dracula did not exceed in total seven years as we have, which is a very short period of time compared to the numbers of people who have been killed, and who Nahz numbering one hundred thousand people, mostly Turks and boyars. In one of his letters to the King of Hungary Dracula says:
    "Turkish peasant men and women have killed .. elders and youth along the Danube .. .. We have killed 23 884 of them, without those who Ahriqnahm alive in their homes or who beheaded by our soldiers, so Your Majesty account, you'll know that I have overturned peace with him - I mean, Sultan Mehmed II - ".
    Because of these massacres terrible, send Sultan army Ottoman led by Hamza Pasha of the crop of Dracula and kill him, but that through this Aermmerm army to the other side of the Danube even occurred in an elaborate ambush him Dracula and his army small, and within just hours dissipate the entire Ottoman army, and ascended soldiers the heads of thousands of piles installed by Dracula them .. longest was hazing Hamza Pasha himself.
    Was fond Balkhozqh .. historical picture which shows he eats with the torturers cut and impalement people in front of him ..
    Europe as a whole cheered the victory of Dracula on the Ottomans, as he became the Sultan Mohammed conquest outrage to the fate of his army, Fjhz army Ottoman pitchers, led by himself for the elimination of Dracula and the occupation and Wallachia, but this military campaign did not lead to anything, Vdrakula expert methods Ottoman fighting, did not elaborate Nadzh battle with Sultan , but resorted to guerrilla warfare, especially the method of night raids, which strikes cast terror into the hearts of the Ottomans, and increased their terror and revulsion that ugly scene that was waiting for them on the slopes of the hills surrounding the walled city Trageoffst Romania, where erect a forest full of piles crowned heads pointed the bodies of twenty thousand people, most of them soldiers of the Ottomans. It is said that the ugliness of this scene, and the smell of decomposing bodies unbearable, pushed the sultan to abandon the idea of ​​chasing Dracula Vagafl return quickly to the new capital, Constantinople, and instead of sending more troops resorted Sultan to a new style .. money and intrigues .. has come This method is entrusted in the end, enabling Radu, Dracula's brother, who is allied with the Ottomans from the overthrow of his brother and the inauguration of the prince himself and Wallachia, while Bdrakula ended up a prisoner in Hungary.
    Emirate Radu lasted nearly ten years, and after his death returned Dracula to ascend the throne of the emirate's new, but he did not remain in office for more than two months to be toppled again in 1476 where he died finally the assassination or during one of his battles with the Turks, who had his head cut off and sent to Istanbul where there is a display in a public place for all the people watching and make sure the end of the monster that terrorized in their hearts for many years. The body of Dracula is said that some of his loyal they secretly buried under one of the ancient monasteries. Some prospectors and archaeologists and the newly excavated the tomb attributed to Dracula, but they did not find any body, and it is said that the coffin was empty, which contributed to the increase myths and legends which hatched about the man and about the reality of being a vampire.
    Goods leave the market without steal one for fear of the stake ..
    Vlad Dracula was too harsh, do not hesitate to kill people for trivial reasons, to the extent that the people and Wallachia were leaving their belongings in the market without the hands of thieves extends to theft for fear of punishment and the oppression of Dracula, as he was Interposes people, Islkhhm neighborhoods, and Achoum on fire, and cut the limb, and do their marvels, and was an artist in the use of the stake .. and the stake is a wooden dowel tapered head paid by force within the human body, often through the anus, then lifted and prove to the ground vertically, rises the Impaler with him even if he was sitting on it, and start the top of the pile In diving inside his body more and more by gravity, even penetrate the viscera and out through the mouth or chest, and vary the speed of the occurrence of death, according to the executioner experience and mastery of his work, the more the top of the pile Mudbba and Mdhuna more, whenever it passes faster, and the more I accept the death earlier. Dracula was not only Bkhozqh people in the backs, a common way, but Khozgahm in their stomachs and their feet and hands and necks too, and impale upside down !, any of the mouth to the anus, and did not exclude from the women and the elderly, not even the baby. The man was insane .. Sadia on one occasion is installed turbans Bakhawazik Turkish ambassadors to their heads because they refused to Akhalauha respect for him when they entered his court. At the time of his enemies forced a man to eat the liver of his wife and was slaughtered !, amuse him that people cooked in large pots, and enjoys Baktahm into two halves by the sword alive screaming.
    The castle was a human slaughterhouse equipped with all conceivable means of killing and torture. The terrifying place human not imagine seeing him in the worst nightmares, Vzaúr those terrible castle he had to pass a long path to get to the main court room, and on either side of that path desolate was bristling Gabtan of piles sitting on hundreds of people between the neighborhood and the dead, and with every step Visiting were groans and pleas Almkhozqan classified ears and full of horror, a vote was Dracula passionate hearing it because it is for him was the fresher of the peep Albulabl, did not he likes eating his food, but he listened to them and regales his eyes the sight of his executioners and Gelaozath and they are cutting up people and stripping them in front of him. It is said that he sometimes enjoys drinking several cups of the blood of his victims after mixing wine, and that is known among people Kmassas blood. It seems that the man was not together and he was suffering from mental disorders and real problems in mind, during the period of his imprisonment, which lasted for several years in Bulgaria, was the chasing insects and rats in his cell for the Bkhozguetha using small wooden sticks !.
    Alkhozqh .. of the worst kinds of sanctions ..
    Perhaps the greatest exploits, or rather his massacres, are those that coincided with the beginning of his reign like a prince on and Wallachia, where he invited the boyars to a huge ceremony hosted in their honor, and during the ceremony asked Dracula nobles boyars on the number of princes who lived during them all through their lives, Vtafq these Ieddon, Some of them said they have lived through more than a dozen princes, and less and one of them had witnessed the seven princes, Va_i_at Dracula furious when he heard of it, and said to them that you are what Xtm all this number of princes, but because of the malicious plots, not Prince remain in office only a few years to kill or take off because of Dsaúskm and Khianatkm; then reminded them to kill them to his father, and Qrahm on torture to his brother and buried him alive, and in the end gave the signal for Gelaozath Vangadwa Kalohouc prey on the boyars, Iktonhm apart and put them on Alkhozaig, even Ffenohm wiped out, but Dracula did not stop at that, but Send soldiers chasing boyars in the length of the country, looting their property, their women raped and enslaved their children, and said that impale tens of thousands of them.
    Finally, regardless of the cruelty of Dracula and Dmoath but it is considered a national hero in his country, it is the opinion of some people did not do what he did, but defended the independence of Romania, and see Roman historians that most bloody stories told about are either exaggerated or invented and fabrication of his enemies, especially Hungarians, who justify their failure to support Dracula in his war with the Ottomans in promoting these stories with him and accused him of going crazy, and find a way to justify Tbazirhm and Tbdidhm of money that was sent to them the Pope of Rome for the establishment of a Christian alliance defends generally Ottoman Europe. In contrast, most of the stories and the news that we have today for Dracula came from contemporary European sources him, especially German, Polish, Russian, so it is unlikely that all these stories were fabricated, and most likely in my view that Dracula was really tough, but it was not unique in that time , he lived in a harsh era massacres, killings were committed by all the parties.

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