//graizoah.com/afu.php?zoneid=3512770 Full details of the issue of Wild Child in Morocco

Full details of the issue of Wild Child in Morocco

Full details of the issue of Wild Child in Morocco

    Full details of the issue of Wild Child in Morocco

    Away from the concept of family and the implications and availability of tenderness and contentment Ould Ahmed he does not know his father does not understand the meaning of stability between the arms of the family, so that his mother carried him illegally and had only to give up
    With him for the benefit of a woman lost everything, lost the meaning of motherhood by virtue of it barren can not have children and this is what reason and left chew the cud held and psychological suffering her husband's disappearance, she called (Z.g) former employee Baptdaiah Marrakech was born in 1951, embraced the child carrier its crisis-old does not exceed three years, and it received from the sister and mother of the child, who took charge in the first ward of the scandal and fear of "Alhohh" and between these circumstances and that the child should shift the burden to get rid of it by any means,

    Former employee Baptdaiah "Marrakech" "Z.g" The child received with the aim to fill her life and leads them out of the isolation imposed by the act of God but did not receive with the child any document, with the result that the child is neglected without documents to prove his identity and affiliation of the mother's legitimacy and his father's illegal .

    The child is three years to "Z.g" house in a popular neighborhood moved, but because of the mobility of the child and fun, turnout life to be discovered and this distinguishes each child, Ahmed was subjected to violence of all kinds, sometimes they hit him severely and sometimes were preventing him from leaving the house to meet his friends in the neighborhood, and guided "Z.g" finally to the idea of ​​his incarceration in the roof of the house the company of cats and dogs, especially as they were loves pet breeding, perhaps these animals were filled by life and maybe it has dealt since the beginning with Ahmed that he is no different from the rest of the animals , which have the ability to escape when exposed to violence, "Z.g" But Ahmed was missing for this property, and this became his fate, however, it has lost every human sense of women.

    Ahmad child who sentenced him to prison compulsive Marpeth

    At the corner of the surface taken Ahmed shelter him along with stray cats and wild dogs, with the passage of time the child turned into an animal does not stand on his feet, but walking on four of its members (hands and two men) because he felt that he is no different from the rest of the animals that share with it the roof space but with whom he lived and wandered conflicts between cats meow and bark to speak, and did not adopt any sound of animals written by Voices, but lost the ability to speak and lost his memories already engraved in his memory when he goes out to the alley to play with his friends from the children.

    Suddenly the news of the child Ahmed cut off from his mother and his aunt and neighbors, no one sees, his aunt had been accustomed to see him and check on him, as was the offending accustomed to go by when his aunt, during the first three months of the bear responsibility for his upbringing, of course I asked aunt for Ahmed is but " Zg) has always been to provide excuses to be guided hellish idea that the child go to Rabat to live with her sister, lawyer and he lives a quiet and happy life, but most of this has been appended private school.

    Before this hellish lie, you did not find the aunt what it says, but refreshed and reassured on the son of her sister and said the same, that Ahmed Saeed luck and perhaps a very comfortable life now live in the arms of an upscale family neighborhood and refined. The truth is revealed about what women hellish (Z.g) because Ahmed lives with cats and dogs, and was secured through security, and return address on the isolation of animals and their voices seem to be other movements are understood.

    Over time, Ahmed turned into a wild child, sometimes wrestle with the animals that live with them, especially when there are shortages in food, and one day came into conflict with a fierce dog did not want to share the food with Ahmed Vangd it Nahisha his nose, which led to terrible deformation in the face of the child victim, "Z.g" did nothing and did not provide first aid to the child and left him unchanged, grow this deformity that made him seem like a deformed child from another world, or reap the object like a man afraid of it because all of a sudden he had encountered.

    Three full years Ahmed lived isolated from the outside world, eats and eats with the animals, but eat faeces of dogs, cats and worsened health conditions of the result of lack of food.

    Neighbors discover Wild Child

    Coincidence was a youth living on the roof of his house, Faramq interview Steering whoever moves does not carry human attributes,
    Walks on four, try to explore it, and if it gets shocked rushed to the neighborhood descend direction of his friends telling them that there is a Jinn on the roof of a house "Z.g," Of course not ratified a young man but became the focus of derision and mockery, but the young man did not back down from what was announced by to his friends and insisted on the need to accompany him to the surface to see what he saw with his own eyes.

    Under the strong insistence, the owner of five of neighborhood youth to the surface, and when they spotted the scene, suffered horror and fear, and methods of someone reciting a verse chair while they are the other reference of where he came from and in that moment witness remained on the surface Wild Child, picking up faeces dogs and eat.

    One of the five young people are encouraged and approached most curious object extending his hand asking him more approaching, the child from his place stood up, walking on four limbs, responsive to the call, surrounded by the group of young people remaining on the surface and realized that the strange object is not to reap or a monster but it is a child, They knew that this child but is Ahmed, who disappeared from sight for three years.

    It was a strong shock, Harro and Avera all human values ​​that have been lost, and felt despair and compassion, and wondered how deep in themselves Ahmed change from child to child depositary savage frightens all of looked at him? !!

    Following this strange and terrible discovery at the same time, has a neighborhood youth to inform the security interests that have moved into the spot stood on the status of the child miserable and dangerous, and opened an investigation in the case, was offending "Z.g" arrest on charges of endangering a minor risk and abuse of a minor while directed to the person who lives in the same house with them charge not to provide assistance to a minor is in danger according to the chapters of the Criminal Code 409-459-460. Imagine any situation we got? Leave your comments in the hope that cures Glalkm of a criminal act against a child mauled his innocence

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