//graizoah.com/afu.php?zoneid=3512770 Kqss fiction horror story but a real

Kqss fiction horror story but a real

Kqss fiction horror story but a real
    Kqss fiction horror story but a real

    Kqss fiction horror story but a real
    Story, horror, fantasy Kqss, but, real
    This story Kqss imagination but a real
    Even if the events of a mysterious and strange seemed
    The story goes that a man who was standing on the side of the road
    Waiting for a passing car that enriches he wants to go to his home town in the neighboring night
    Very dark
    In the center of the storm in the night passed slowly and did not pass this distasteful car cross
    It passed hours and hours, standing
    The storm was severe and night are you were not able to see the place his feet
    Finally ....

    After a long wait
    It passed a car traveling very slowly
    Like a ghost but walks slowly scary
    Chaababeckha black came out from behind the dark without lights slowly passed him heading
    So I stopped in front of him ...
    With the tension and fear that the infiltration of his heart against his ..
    The man rode inside the car and shut the door
    Mince and fabricates a smile to the car provided by the owner of a famous Ckra ..
    Then came the shock ..
    Which Oljmt his tongue for speech ..
    See what I never expect ..
    There is no driver for this car simply ... !!
    And the car started moving.
    And slowly over the other ..
    The horror began his work in the entity that moved in men and limb
    The car began increasing in speed slowly ..
    And with growing horror and panic in which the body of the poor color change of horror
    Which silenced the shock of his tongue and all his senses.
    All of a sudden ...
    I approached the car from the very critical juncture
    The man began calling for his Lord in order to stay alive ...
    The car will inevitably go off the road and will face death
    Suddenly entered a little before juncture hand out the window and caught Aldrickcin
    And led the car through the corner safely
    Hawass and I screamed the whole man ...
    Hand was rescued from certain death ... !!
    He became the man with joy with the survival of fear and dread in his heart inside
    And what happened is that the man has become a hand sees the intervention of the window several times
    Whenever arrived at one turns ..
    Agiraakhz man decision and resolved to escape from the car ..
    Vastjma all that is left in his heart from the courage and determination and open the car door
    Wu ............
    Jumped out ...
    And fled to the nearest town ...
    And was wet and shuddering went directly to a restaurant
    There ..
    He began to tell his story frightening and terrifying for all
    Out of breath, the excess of emotion and horror
    And made sure that its body is drunk or mentally deficient
    And everyone was listening to the story at a loss and fear ...
    After about half an hour
    Two men entered the same restaurant
    And they look very tired ..
    And pallor on Jhama indicates they may Qdo fatal night !!
    When they saw the frightened person
    One of them pointed to him and Saaaah:
    It s oaf who rode Arab Ehna Benzgaha !!!!!

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