Maria from America looking for marriage from an Arab

Maria from America looking for marriage from an Arab

    Maria from America looking for marriage from an Arab
    معلومات عني
    I am eager to create a really healthy relationship and having found my life-partner I will make sure to bring my man the feeling of being loved and appreciated every day of our being together. I will care a great deal about his thoughts, feelings and opinions; I will always be their for him, available to help to fulfill any of his dreams and ambitions and support when he will need me; I will respect my soulmate, I will never put him down when talking to him; I will be faithful and always tell him the truth. My affection will always be focused on the man I will care for. I have so much gentleness and love inside which I am eager to lavish upon him and every time embracing my lover, kissing him passionately, holding his palms, being together in bed or just looking in his eyes I will be extremely grateful for that he shares his life with me. I am a genuine and sincere, flexible and compromising woman. My kind, amiable nature always helps me to get along with people an! d I usually receive a positive feedback from others for my good sense of humor and positive energy which seems to be inexhaustible. I am understanding and forgive easily and I am extremely trustworthy. I love home and any chores around the house are the possibility for me to release my desire to create comfort and perfect my dwelling. I am a wonderful cook and I really love to treat my close people with the amazing dishes I put all my heart and soul into. I can meet with my friends.

    إسم التعريفesmeraldas
     العمر47 years
     الهدفعلاقة جدية
     المستوى العلميلم تقدم
     البلد الولايات المتحدة
     المدينة Los Angeles, California
     الأصل الولايات المتحدة
     الحالة المدنيةالأمر معقد
     العمللم تقدم

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